By Thaddeus M. Baklinski

CALIFORNIA, August 29, 2008 ( – An upstart homosexual rights group in California has begun to target not only individuals, but also companies to which they are connected, if they have contributed money to committees that support Proposition 8, the ballot initiative to ban same-sex “marriage” in California.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Californians Against Hate, a new homosexual-rights group, intends to identify and publicize corporate connections to individuals that make significant donations.

Fred Karger, who runs the homosexual group, said he will compile and publish a list which includes the donor’s name, employer and the corporate logo of that employer, even if the company itself didn’t donate to the Proposition 8 fight.

An example given in the WSJ report involves William Bolthouse, a California philanthropist, who donated $100,000 in March to support Proposition 8.

Calls and emails began to be received by the corporate offices of a company that bears his name, even though he sold it three years earlier.

“I’m not connected to Bolthouse Farms at all,” said Mr. Bolthouse.

Jeffrey Dunn, chief executive of Bolthouse Farms, which produces bottled juice, said, “It wasn’t us, it’s not our fault.”

Mr. Dunn said Bolthouse Farms’ profits were not affected by the publicity and that his company has made an effort to correct wrong information on blogs that said Mr. Bolthouse still owned a large portion of the company.

Another individual, whose business was targeted by homosexuals in a call-in campaign after he and his family donated $300,000 to support Proposition 8, said the effort was “stupid” and totally ineffectual.

Terry Caster, the owner of A-1 Storage, a self-storage company based in San Diego, said he received a few phone calls a day that petered out after several weeks, and his business wasn’t affected.

“To tell a business owner that they can’t express their beliefs on an issue is a really stupid thing,” said Mr. Caster

Both sides contending this issue see the outcome of Proposition 8 as pivotal in determining which way other states in the US may go in extending marriage rights to homosexuals.

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