By Gudrun Schultz

EDINBUGH, Scotland, September 14, 2006 ( – A bill that would permit homosexual couples to adopt children has passed the first round of parliament in a 103-8 vote, the Scotsman reported today.

The controversial legislation, which has been heavily opposed by the Scottish Catholic Church and Christian organizations, would open up adoptions to unmarried and same-sex couples.

Those opposed to the bill have said they will continue to fight it, including MSPs and leaders in the Scottish Catholic Church.

Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, one of Scotland’s most senior Roman Catholic leaders, has actively sought to block the bill since it was first proposed. He said the Church will continue to resist passage of the measure.

“The result is very worrying, especially for children who will be caught up in these disturbing adoption processes. But there are another two stages of the bill yet to go through Parliament, so this file is far from closed. The Church is not going to stay quiet.”

Last week Bishop Devine wrote to MSP’s warning that the “distressing legislation” was a “violation of family life.”

Scottish MSP Roseanna Cunningham, who opposes homosexual adoption, questioned yesterday’s move by parliament, saying, “I can’t see how overturning tens of thousands of years of nature’s design moves us forward.”

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