OTTAWA, Sept 2 ( – With the Canadian Senate about to commence its fall session, the Canada Family Action Coalition has warned that a bill which would make sexual acts, rather than marriage or even common law relationships the basis for reception of federal survivor benefits, is to come again before the senators. In June, the Senate failed to pass the $30 billion dollar pension appropriation bill which included the controversial clause to allow same-sex benefits; they sent it back to committee.

Senator Anne Cools voiced her objection to the bill in June noting “it fails to protect the institution of marriage” and “it is the duty of Parliament to uphold and protect marriage and to legislate accordingly.”  In an interview with LifeSite, Dianne Watts of Real Women noted that her group’s presentation to the government on the bill included questioning of how the bill was to be enforced. “How would one determine certainly that sexual acts are taking place?” Also Watts noted that such a policy of benefits would be discriminatory against other cohabiting dependents such as a mother and daughter who lived together.

CFAC urges pro-family Canadians to call toll-free: 1-800-267-7362 and ask one or more Senators from your province to vote against this bill.

For more see LifeSite’s June story:
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