TORONTO, Sept 20 ( – Leaked documents have revealed that the homosexual lobby group,  Equality for Gays and Lesbians Everywhere (EGALE), has taken to spying on its opponents and exerting control over a government funded study on homosexuality. The documents leaked to the National Post suggest a complete lack of objectivity in the so-called First National Survey of Lesbians, Gay Men and Bisexuals in Canada.

Despite warnings about the potential for such bias, the government readily handed taxpayer dollars over to the homosexual activist group to supervise the survey. The Reform Party managed to figure out the risk, questioning the Liberal government’s choice of EGALE to carry out the survey in May 1998 and asked “Why is this government allowing EGALE, an interest group that has a direct stake in the outcome of the census, to conduct the survey?”

Internal EGALE reports note that those wishing to participate in the survey should be “pre-  screened” and that there should also be “some tail-end security.” The documents also indicated that “any opposition to the project will be monitored.” The survey was reportedly sent to 40,000 people of EGALE’s choosing, and is expected to cost Canadian taxpayers almost $400,000.

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