OTTAWA, June 9, 2003 ( – LifeSite has learned that homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson was able to maneuver his hate crimes Bill C-250 into another hour of debate this week, setting it up for a possible vote before the legislature recesses for the summer.  Robinson switched his Private Member’s bill with his NDP colleague Wendy Lill, which means his bill will now be up for its final hour of debate this Wednesday, June 11th at 5:30 pm. The vote on Bill C-250 will be no earlier than Wednesday June 18 according to House procedural rules.  On Friday, Official Opposition Justice Critic Vic Toews tabled amendments to the bill on behalf of the Canadian Alliance. The amendments to Bill C-250 seek to:  * Strengthen protection for freedom of expression and religion;  * Provide protection against the confiscation of religious, scientific, or educational texts;  * Broaden the requirement of the Attorney General’s consent for hate propaganda prosecutions.  “While the Canadian Alliance rejects hatred directed at any group in Canada, it has consistently expressed concern about Bill C-250 on the basis that it raises serious concerns for freedom of expression and religion in Canada,” said Toews.  Pro-family and religious groups have also stressed their concerns that the bill, which would add the term “sexual orientation” to the hate crime provisions of the Criminal Code are a threat to freedom of religion and expression.  The groups continue to urge Canadians to contact their representatives and urge them to vote against the legislation.  See the Alliance amendments online at:   See related LifeSite coverage:  Heated Debate over Bill adding ‘Sexual Orientation’ To Canadian Hate Crimes Law   See the complete Hansard text of last Friday’s debate:  Bill C-250 in Hansard