SYDNEY, Feb 25 ( – Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby, a self-proclaimed practicing homosexual, addressed students at a prestigious Catholic private school and took aim at Church teaching regarding homosexuality. Kirby told students at St. Ignatius College yesterday that “gays and lesbians exist, as they always have, in every walk of life,” and it is “totally unrealistic” to expect them to remain chaste.

While no school authorities were available for comment, Kirby’s purposeful deviant teaching has been seen by some as retaliation for the condemnation of a gay pride event by the church just prior to his talk.

Yesterday the Catholic and Anglican Church leaders in Sydney spoke out against an annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. Catholic Church leader Cardinal Edward Clancy said, it “is an exercise in gross exhibitionism that promotes a homosexual lifestyle and does not merit our presence or our support.” Anglican Archbishop Harry Goodhew said, “in a highly erotic display it promotes a homosexual lifestyle, and is certainly not deserving of the presence or support of citizens of this city. … I call on the state government, politicians and community leaders generally and other community organizations, including any Christian groups who might show support to the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, to reflect again on the values and lifestyle they endorse.”

See the Bishops’ comments by Agence France Presse, and Judge Kirby’s comments in the Sydney Morning Herald.