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Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today

(LifeSiteNews) — An LGBT talk show host has been kicked off his show and has received an onslaught of vitriol from fellow homosexuals and members of “the LGBTQ community” for supporting Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s forthcoming legislation that will ban surgically or chemically “transitioning” children.

On February 7, David Oulton, who hosts the show “Face to Face With David” on the LGBT network OUTtv was told that his show would be cancelled in light of him supporting Smith’s forthcoming legislation banning “sex changes” for minors.

Oulton took to X (formerly Twitter) to document what happened, including threats of “violence” and what he called “homophobic rhetoric directed” his way for supporting Smith.

“Interesting Since I (a gay) voiced my support for@ABDanielleSmith the only threats of violence or homophobic rhetoric directed my way has been from within the LGBTQ community. One even threatened my dog,” wrote Oulton on X (formerly Twitter) last week, noting how even his dog came under threat.

On January 31, Smith announced what is the strongest pro-family legislation in Canada, protecting kids from life-altering so-called “top and bottom” surgeries as well as other forms of transgender ideology.

Alberta’s forthcoming regulations include a ban on so-called “top” surgeries (mastectomies, breast constructions) as well as “bottom” surgeries (vaginoplasties, phalloplasties) for children 17 and under. Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones are also restricted to those age 16 and older, but only with parental consent.

Oulton has been a supporter of both Smith and the United Conservative Party, which Smith leads, and last month posted a picture of himself with the premier and UCP Minister of Arts, Culture, and Status of Women Tanya Fir after he met with them to talk about “concerns of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Smith, though opposing some aspects of the transgender movement, supports homosexual “marriage.”

As noted by the Counter Signal, Oulton said that after he voiced support for Smith’s new policies, he started to get some “very nasty commentary from within the LGBTQ+ community, and a lot of them made reference to the network.”

He said people threatened to cancel their subscriptions with OUTtv unless he was sacked by the higher-ups.

Oulton said he tried to get OUTtv to understand his reasoning for his views, but the network instead told him it was dropping his show.

Oulton noted how his “coming out” as “gay” was easier than his “coming out as a UCP supporter.”

“I’ve said it’s like the rainbow mafia coming after me,” he said, adding that “trans activists and drag queens post online” called him derogatory slurs.”  

Smith said her United Conservative Party (UCP) government will soon be introducing legislation that, if passed, would bar doctors in the province from medically or surgically “transitioning” children under age 17. The new legislation will also mandate parental consent for pronoun changes in school. Coming in the fall will be additional legislation that bans men who claim to be women from competing in women’s sports.

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) praised Smith’s decision to introduce legislation to ban doctors from chemically or surgically “transitioning” children, calling it a “political miracle.”

Send a note thanking Danielle Smith for recent pro-family policies today