Gay Games Come To Montreal in 2006

OTTAWA, October 29, 2001 ( – Members of Parliament are debating a private member’s bill calling for legal homosexual marriage. New Democrat and homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson has repeatedly introduced bills calling for homosexual marriage, the last one on Feb 14.

In related news Montreal has been chosen to host the “Gay Games” from July 29 to August 5, 2006. Reacting to the news, Campagne Quebec Vie asked “why give a sexual connotation to what should be a sports activity?” In a press release, the Quebec arm of Campaign Life Coalition said the games imply “a real sexual obsession.” CLC Quebec President Gilles Grondin said, “The gay games are a real betrayal of the Olympic spirit which was at one of the most noble conquests from pagan antiquity. It’s not the first time that good things turn sour, something that was noble at first becomes a perversion.”

See the CP coverage of the homosexual marriage debate:{48546D6A-BF10-4745-BFD1-442861555B33}