TORONTO, June 16, 2003 ( – Canada’s current homosexual ‘marriage’ situation is far worse than the Netherlands or Belgium where homosexual ‘marriage’ legislation has restrictions.  Unlike the other two counties, the Ontario marriage registrations are not restricted to Canadian citizens and there are no adoption restrictions.  Toronto city council commenced handing out marriage licences to homosexual couples on the day of the court ruling. A city council website listing requirements for marriage licences notes under “Residency” that “There are no residency or citizenship requirements.”  Toronto city hall alone issued 89 licences to homosexual couples last week – 49 to male and 40 to female couples.  Homosexual activists have admitted they are getting ‘married’ in order to subvert efforts at reversal of the court’s decision.  “If scores of us get married, how do they put the horse back in the barn?” lesbian activist Alison Kemper told the Toronto Star.  See the City of Toronto website: