By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  SALTILLO, Mexico, July 7, 2008 ( – The Catholic Diocese of Saltillo is sponsoring the visit of a dissident homosexual priest who condemns “moralizing” with regard to homosexuality and denies that it is a disorder, in direct contradiction of Catholic teaching.

  James Alison, who reportedly has been dismissed from the Dominican order for embracing a “gay” identity, is being hosted by the Community of San Elredo (Saint Aelred), a homosexual organization that operates under the auspices of the Diocese of Saltillo, in the State of Coahuila, Mexico.

  Allison is appearing at the group’s second “Gay Pride Festival” which among other things advertises a “transvestite show” as one of its events, and which is endorsed and even promoted by the diocese (see diocesean website text in Spanish at

  At a press conference, Alison told reporters that the Vatican doesn’t condemn homosexuality, apparently without mentioning that it does condemn homosexual acts.

“In and of itself, the Church does not believe that homosexuality is a sin, not even in its most official version,” he said.

  He also reportedly condemned what he called “moralism” in relation to homosexuality.

“Moralism is an impediment to the learning about the way things are, and its way of fixing things is excluding what is different,” he said.

“When it is understood under the lens of moralism, homosexuality and the unusual person are the cause of all of the ills afflicting families, these very dangerous homosexuals are causing the collapse of family values,” he added.

  In contrast with the Catholic Church’s official teaching, Alison claims that homosexuality is not intrinsically disordered.  “There is no difference of psychological configuration among homosexuals and heterosexuals,” he said, and added that homosexuals are “capable of healthy development”.

  The Community of San Elredo, which was founded in 2002, has a history of condoning homosexual behavior, and Bishop Raul Vera publicly advocated civil union legislation for homosexual couples in 2006 (see LifeSiteNews coverage at  However, Vera has spoken out against birth control, and opposes homosexual “marriage”.

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