TORONTO, Sept 10 (  Yesterday, Toronto Crown attorney Paul Culver dropped charges against 18 homosexual men arrested and charged by police in June for engaging in public sex acts at a homosexualist club called The Bijou. The charges were dropped following a vigorous campaign against the arrests by public sex advocates.

The Crown attorney taking the side of those charged, said that the men “were lulled into a false sense of security, an ignorance brought on by the lack of police action for a number of years.”  Gwen Landolt a lawyer for REAL Women of Canada told LifeSite that, “the homosexual is always complaining of not being treated like others, yet here they are wanting special extraordinary treatment.” The case demonstrates the hypocrisy not only of the homosexual movement, but also of the crown and the police.

The crown informs others that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law. And as LifeSite reported in August,  the National Post and other papers reported on a special arrangement between homosexuals and the Toronto police such that those engaging in illegal sexual activity would not be charged if their behaviour remained in the confines of “gay” bars.

For the August LifeSite story go to: 
Toronto Police Cut Deal With Homosexuals

With files from the Toronto Sun.