LONDON, England, Nov 22 ( – A government funded game to be used in high schools among students aged 14-16 has students “encouraged to act out homosexual scenes in the classroom in a move to promote tolerance.” The Electronic Telegraph reports today that “a game called Spot the Heterosexual and role playing, such as pretending to be a married man who has sex with other men in secret, are included in an educational pack for teenagers” put out by the National Health Service. The educational Pack entitled Beyond a Phase includes a video which “ends with a boy who advises experimenting with boys and girls and seeing who you are most comfortable with.” 

In related news, six high school teachers in the United States have accused the Portland School District of promoting homosexuality. A memo sent by the teachers to Cleveland High School Principal Bruce Plato notes that a committee set up for “diversity” has existed “solely to condone, affirm and encourage homosexual practices among students and adults.” The group asks that some material offering another perspective on homosexuality be offered in the school library to balance the committee’s material. 

With files from WorldNetDaily, The Telegraph, and Oregon Live.