UNITED STATES, Aug 23 (LifeSiteNews.com) – American homosexualist activists were probably not expecting to lose their battle against the Boy Scouts in the Supreme Court in June. Instead of abiding by the ruling, which allows the Boy Scouts of America to reject homosexuals as troop leaders, they have launched a grassroots battle against the organization, this despite the negative impression the campaign gives about the priority homosexuals place on access to children.

At the recent Democrat National Convention, a group of Eagle Boy Scouts there to take part in opening ceremonies was booed and confronted with waving signs which read, ‘WE SUPPORT GAY BOY SCOUTS!’ Rep. Lynn Woolsey (D-CA) has introduced legislation repealing the Boy Scouts’ federal charter. Scouting for All organized Monday’s protests against the scouts at 20 locations across the country. Some protests had from 100 – 300 people, while others such as the one in San Diego, had only four. People contacted by WorldNetDaily at some locations couldn’t see any protesters at all. One banner being waved at a Bethesda, MD protest read: “BSA: Straight But Not Morally Clean.”

Pro-family forces have long been concerned about homosexual leadership over children not simply in terms of role modelling, but also the significantly higher rate of child sexual abuse by homosexuals. This is one of the messages over which Dr. Laura was censored in May by the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council because homosexual advocates recognize how sensitive this issue still is among the general public. Yet renowned American expert on homosexuality, Dr. Paul Cameron, points to research indicating that the homosexual two percent of the population perpetrates as much as one-third of all reported child molestations and NARTH (the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality), says that “careful studies have shown that pedophilia is about three times more common in male homosexuals.”

See an explanation from the libertarian CATO Institute of why the Scouts should be permitted to exclude homosexual leaders.