By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MADRID, July 14, 2009 ( – “I like dogs, I like apples, in my bed I sleep with whomever I want,” was one of the principal chants in the Gay Pride Parade last week in Madrid, where hundreds of thousands marched through the streets to advocate “gay rights” and homosexualist ideology, according to local media reports.

The parade featured a wide array of men dressed in sadomasochistic leather outfits, while others wore bikinis, covered their bodies with makeup and paint, and sported elaborate and colorful headgear.

Among other slogans too obscene to reprint, marchers denounced religious leaders, chanting, “Priest, imam, or rabbi, don't block my path.”

The theme of this year's march was “Education Without Closets,” the goal of which is to promote “affective-sexual diversity” in the nation's school, a concept which organizers reportedly described as “a political instrument to normalize homosexuality in schools” and to “avoid damaging homophobia, transphobia, and biphobia in future generations.”

Organizers have created a video showing high school scenes with teenage homosexual couples embracing and kissing each other on the lips, while being socially rejected or bullied by peers.  A magic wand with the word “education” is then waved, and opponents are transformed into supporters.

Following the festivities and parade, which last a total of ten days, residents of the “Chueca” area petitioned the city authorities to move the event to another part of Madrid, claiming that their lives and neighborhood are turned upside down each year by the riotous excesses of participants.

For the last several years, area residents have repeatedly complained of assaults against them, open prostitution, drug dealing, fighting, loud noise, trash in the streets, and other offenses committed during the march. Large numbers leave their homes and take up residence elsewhere during the event, and some say they are preparing to leave permanently.

Local Spanish media report that homosexualist marchers left behind more than 220,000 pounds of trash this year.

Although city authorities initially acceded to the request to move the parade, they backed off when organizers objected, claiming that they were being discriminated against.
Spain's “Minister of Equality,” Bibiana Aido, endorsed the parade and the goal of teaching homosexual ideology in schools.

“We have many motives for being proud,” Aido said. “We are an open country that has broadened rights” and added that gays, lesbians, transsexuals and bisexuals “have the government on their side.”

“We all have to help schools to be a safe space for diversity, because what is learned by children remains forever,” she said.

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