Homosexuals Plan ‘Kiss-In’ in Front of Pope During Spain Visit

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

November 4, 2010 ( – A homosexual organization is planning a massive “kiss-in” in front of the pope as he leaves Barcelona’s cathedral on Sunday during his planned visit to Spain.

The group, which calls itself Queer Kissing FlashMob, is calling on homosexuals to kiss each other for two minutes as the pope passes, and then disperse. The group hopes to infiltrate the crowd by dressing like people from traditional Catholic movements such as “Cuentame” and Opus Dei, according to its website.

“In view of the inevitable visit to Barcelona by the highest representative of an institution that for many years has been antagonistic, not to say an enemy of the struggle for sexual and affective rights of many who don’t practice exclusively reproductive sexâEUR¦we have planned to do something to show our discomfort,” said one version of the group’s Facebook page, which has also called upon participants to avoid all verbal forms of expression and gestures of hostility.

The group’s page on Facebook has been removed multiple times by the site’s administrators for violation of the rights and responsibilities policy. In a letter to Queer Kissing FlashMob, Facebook pointed out that “prohibited conduct” according to the policy includes “creating or loading pornographic content that is pornographic, is sexually charged, or contains nudity,” “annoying other people with explicit words with sexual content” and “sending friendship requests or inbox messages that were not requested to people that one does not know.”

“You will not be able to continue using Facebook,” the company added. “This decision is definitive and cannot be appealed.”

However, after international media outlets contacted Facebook about the matter, the company backed away from its decision, claiming it was an “error.” The organization was permitted to reestablish its Facebook page, which now has thousands of participants.

In addition to the FlashMob protest, groups of atheists and feminists from the left-leaning region of Catalonia also plan to demonstrate against the pope’s visit, according to local media reports.