By Peter J. Smith and John Jalsevac

Conservative talk show host Craig ChandlerCALGARY, Alberta, July 31, 2006 ( – Homosexual activists have denounced three Calgary based websites to the Alberta and Federal Human Rights Commissions, demanding that the sites which post information critical of homosexual behaviour be shut down.

Homosexual activists in Alberta have targeted these websites run by Craig Chandler, a Canadian conservative and talk-radio host. The sites contain postings of letters, calls for action, and archived copies of a radio show called Freedom Radio Network. The radio program hosted by Chandler with co-host Erik Gregson describes itself as“conservative without apology” and “a breath of fresh air in a world inundated by left wing liberal media”. spoke with Chandler, who explained that his long and expensive battle with the human rights commissions began over two years ago. At that time the Executive Director of Concerned Christians Canada, Rev. Stephen Boissoin wrote a letter to the editor denouncing the homosexual agenda. Dr. Darren Lund of the University of Calgary then filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission about the letter, which Boissoin and Chandler have been forced to fight to the tune of close to $100,000, with no end to the case in sight.

Not only was Boissoin brought before the Commission, but Lund and other homosexual activists attempted to have three affiliated websites, all of which are following and publicizing the case, shut down. The three websites are,, and The Alberta Human Rights Commission, however, dismissed the complaint, says Chandler, allowing the sites to continue running. The homosexual activists, however, not lightly to be brushed aside, then filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

“Now we’re on another front that’s going to cost us thousands and thousands more,” complained Chandler, estimating that by the time the two cases are finished they will have spent some $250,000 on legal fees, simply to defend themselves against a complaint. “The thing about a Human Rights Commission complaint is that it doesn’t matter if it’s right or wrong, you still have to foot the bill. If I want to get our money back, I have to take them to civil court,” which, Chandler pointed out, will only incur further expense without the assurance of winning.

Chandler vociferously denies any accusations of hatred against homosexuals on the part of him or any of the websites. “They’re saying the websites are anti-gay,” he said to “We’re not. We’re not anti-gay. Hate’s not a family value.”

However, he adds that “Sometimes the truth hurts…That’s exactly our perspective on it. The gay and lesbian community, homosexual activists, they don’t want anything but complete silence to any disagreement to their views on the issue.”

“This is becoming the biggest battle in Canada’s history for freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Freedom of the press is gone.”

“Our freedoms are being taken away very quickly. This may end up with one or another of us in jail, because I won’t pay the fine. If that’s what it takes, I’m willing to go behind bars.”

Chandler also warned pro-life and pro-family forces throughout the rest of Canada, that if his case is lost in the Alberta Human Rights Comission, then there is little hope for freedom of speech for the rest of Canada, since Alberta is considered Canada’s most conservative province. “If we get defeated out here, no one’s going to survive out East. If you’ve lost in Alberta you’ve lost everywhere. It’s done. We need to unite behind this fight. We need to start realizing in the social conservative movement in this country we’re being relegated to the sidelines because we don’t stand together.”

Chandler requested the support of pro-life and pro-family advocates across Canada. Please pray for us,” he added.“IfÂyou can’t give us money, then surely you can get onÂyour hands and knees. “

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