MEXICO CITY, February 4, 2011 ( – Mexico City authorities say they have been forced to close the last cars on five different subway lines during late night service because homosexuals have “taken over” the cars to engage in sex acts.

An anonymous guard told the Excelsior newspaper that the cars had been closed “because of gays, because they were taking over the installations.  They even have recordings in which they are practicing oral sex.”

Carlos Martínez, a station manager, said that the problem included heterosexual couples as well. “Many users are complaining and we have to do something,” he said.  As a result, the last three cars on lines 1, 2, 3, 9, and B will be closed to passengers after 10 pm, to prevent what homosexuals call “metrear” (“metroing”).

“Metroing” has been a problem on the subways since at least 2004, when police began to act against the practice, provoking protests of “discrimination” from homosexual activists.

The homosexualist website “Anodis” has openly chronicled and celebrated homosexual sodomy on the Mexico City subway during the last seven years, with headlines such as “Hookups, pleasure, eroticism, and homophobia in the Metro,” “Secrets of the last car of the Metro,” and “Gay sex on the Metro in Mexico.”

“Transportation, adventure, shows, and live music are offered on the metro during the day,” Anodis’ editors wrote in 2005. “But during the night it is converted into the cheapest mobile hotel in the world for gay ‘metroists’.  Hookups, making out, masturbation, or sex, for just two pesos.”

The problem of “metroing” is part of the larger collapse of public morals in Mexico’s capital city, which has passed legislation in recent years to permit and subsidize abortion on demand, create homosexual civil unions and “marriage,” and institute “express divorce.” Public expressions of homosexuality are increasingly common in public thoroughfares and on public transportation.