LONDON, May 5, 2014 ( – An outsider British politician has outraged homosexual activists and their supporters in media and Parliament by saying there are too many homosexual MPs compared to the numbers of homosexuals in the general population, and that their habit of insider patronage is damaging the democratic process and encouraging corruption.

“There are far too many homosexuals in Parliament. Even the Speaker of the House of Commons, Nigel Evans is under investigation for sexually harassing other men,” English Democrat MEP candidate Julia Gasper wrote on April 7. “They are only 1.5 percent of the population, a proportion that justifies about 10 MPs in total, yet there seem to be hundreds of them, all in important positions and giving each other favors.”

“That is a violation of democracy,” she wrote.


Today, Gasper posted a notice to her blog saying, “Please keep the abusive messages, foul language, and death threats coming in. They are all being put into a file of evidence about the psychological profile of LGBT people.”

“None of the commenters who have joined in the press hysteria about me have succeeded in finding one error in anything that I have written. Could it be that the truth offends them?” she asked.

The former UKIP candidate for the UK parliament and Parish Councillor in Oxford is now a member of the English Democrat Party and a candidate for the EU Parliament for South East England. She has angered the political establishment by describing the homosexual activists who forced former Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich out of his job for having once donated $1,000 to a campaign to defend traditional marriage in California as “homofascists.”

On her blog on April 9, Gasper accused a “queer mafia” of taking “a vindictive pleasure in bullying and abusing people” who oppose its political goals.

She pointed to the Eich incident as a case in point, saying he was forced out of his job in violation of his “basic right to work regardless of his beliefs.” She blasts a “new McCarthyism” that she says is “a threat to fundamental human rights.”

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Eich, she said, “has a right to participate in the civic life of his country, and a democratic right to scrutinize, support or reject whatever changes to the law are demanded by whatever group.”

In one blog post, Gasper condemns the “weak dithering liberals” of the political and religious elite around the world for pandering to the homosexual movement. These include US President Barack Obama who she said bowed to pressure from the movement in Hollywood to change his position on gay “marriage.” She accuses the European Union en masse of spending “millions of pounds every year on promoting the barmy, sick LGBT agenda;” and “the UN which now bribes independent nations to introduce LGBT demands instead of the Human Rights they were established to uphold.”

She aims at the British mainstream media, including the BBC, the Guardian, The Huffington Post, and the Daily Mail for promoting the LGBT agenda “uncritically” as well as the three main political parties, Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats, and “professional bodies who have caved in to threats and tantrums from LGBT extremists.”

She accuses Justin Wellby, the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as other bishops of the Church of England, who she says are allowing the “queer mafia” to manipulate them. Pope Francis she accuses of making “compromising, dithering public statements to appease the homo-fascist contingent.”

Gasper has also been outspoken on a variety of liberal shibboleths, including blasting Amnesty International, which she accuses of dropping its original mandate to oppose political oppression and moving on to support the “trendier causes of the permissive era,” including abortion. She called Amnesty’s latest document on human rights, that calls for legalized prostitution, a “gruesome hotch-potch of left-wing euphemism and ethical deformity.”

Last year, Gasper was expelled from UKIP after she wrote on a party members’ forum, “As for the links between homosexuality and pedophilia, there is so much evidence that even a full-length book could hardly do justice to the subject.”

The incident was reported by the Sunday Mirror and later confirmed by a UKIP spokesman who said, “Dr. Gasper has stood down to avoid doing herself or the party any more damage.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farrage, who recently reversed his party’s opposition to “gay marriage” told the Mirror that Gasper’s “unacceptable war” against the LGBT agenda was not welcome in his party.

Steve Uncles, a spokesman and fellow candidate with the English Democrats has come to Gasper’s defense, saying hers is “a very traditional” Christian view on homosexuality. “In fact, most religions have a similar view as does Julia,” he added.

Uncles told the BBC that her position is not “officially” the view of the English Democrats “but obviously we do allow freedom of speech within our party, and we’re not a politically correct party.” He compared their position with that of UKIP, saying the libertarian party allows freedom of speech “provided it’s Nigel Farrage’s freedom of speech.”

“We have a diverse membership,” Uncles said, in which candidates are required only to “broadly agree with the manifesto.” He said that Julia Gasper’s position on the number of homosexuals in parliament is “factually correct in terms of the proportion” compared with the general population.