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As a 44-year-old unmarried Christian woman, “Cherise” never imagined she’d be pregnant. Embarrassed and ashamed by her circumstance, Cherise went to the Internet to discreetly search for information regarding abortion.

“Tanya” is a post-abortive mother of two who’s struggled with drug abuse all of her life. When she discovered she was pregnant, her first instinct was to abort her child on account of her recent drug abuse. Despite her boyfriend’s protests, Tanya began searching the Internet about abortion. 

Separated from her husband and the father of their four children for nearly six months, “Deanne” had become involved with another man. Then after she’d reconciled with her husband, Deanne discovered she was pregnant. Although her husband was willing to be a father to the baby, Deanne was overcome with shame and regret. And so she began searching online for abortion information.

When “Chelsea” informed her boyfriend that she was pregnant, he insisted they terminate the pregnancy. Young and still in high school, the couple concluded they were not prepared to be parents. So together, they searched online for abortion information.

These are the many stories of the women whom Online for Life helps every day: women dealing with crisis pregnancies who feel alone and frightened. Like tens of thousands of women in similar circumstances, they turned to the Internet for information regarding abortion, and ultimately reached Online for Life.

These stories mark some of Online for Life’s life-save stories from the past few months.

Cherise’s Internet search connected her with Online for Life, which led to her visiting a life-affirming pregnancy center where she and her boyfriend were shown compassion and love. Through prayer and sound encouragement, Cherise came to realize that even in life’s most hopeless moments, nothing happens outside of God’s will — even an unplanned pregnancy. Cherise embraced her new motherhood and departed the life-affirming pregnancy center with an undeniable confidence that God would walk alongside her throughout this pregnancy.

When Online for Life guided Tanya to a life-affirming pregnancy center, she not only received practical help regarding her pregnancy, but also found redemption from her past substance abuse. Today, Tanya is drug-free and happy as she and her boyfriend prepare for the birth of their baby.

Deanne and her estranged husband entered the doors of one of Online for Life’s participating life-affirming pregnancy centers, and they discovered a place where they were loved and accepted. Encouraged and supported by a compassionate staff member, Deanne made the brave choice to have her baby. And as the couple’s marriage continues to mend, Deanne’s husband has enthusiastically embraced his role as the baby’s father.

Although Chelsea and her boyfriend were resolved to have an abortion, their visit to one of Online for Life’s participating life-affirming pregnancy centers changed everything. They spent time with a staff member discussing their options, and they also received a free sonogram. When they saw the ultrasound image of their seven-week-old unborn child on that monitor, Chelsea and her boyfriend’s hearts softened. Eight and a half months later, this young couple welcomed their daughter into the world. As a new mom, Chelsea continues to rely on the support of the life-affirming pregnancy center to help navigate the unknowns of motherhood.

Online for Life exists to help women in crisis pregnancies who believe abortion is their only option. Through advanced Internet marketing methods, we reach women facing crisis pregnancies and lovingly guide them to a life-affirming pregnancy center where they are empowered to make a fully informed decision regarding their pregnancy. Online for Life ministers to women of varied backgrounds and circumstances with a message of love and grace. To date, we’ve celebrated more than 2,000 lives that have been saved through this unique blend of compassion and technology.

To learn how Online for Life provided an avenue on the Internet to compassion and grace for each woman by lovingly guiding her to a life-affirming pregnancy where she could be fully equipped to make an informed choice regarding her pregnancy, click here.