CALGARY, AB, Apr 29 ( – The Calgary Regional Health Authority which oversees Foothills Hospital in Calgary wants Alberta Report magazine to hand over and destroy all evidence for a story they published two weeks ago on the hospital’s policy of forcing nurses against their will to participate and perform abortions. Alberta Report published an expose on Foothills which detailed their gruesome “genetic termination” practice – a late-term abortion method which has often resulted in live births at the hospital. The aborted but still living babies are refused food, water and medical treatment so that they will die.

According to the news magazine, “on April 19, Calgary lawyer Blair Carbert, acting on behalf of the Calgary Regional Health Authority, couriered a letter to publisher Link Byfield suggesting that under Alberta’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, the magazine ‘has no right to possession of these documents or any information contained in these documents.’” The health authority requested the return of all original documents, destruction of all copies, that no information be made public or even discussed in any way, and that the names of all those who had seen the information be turned over.

Byfield told the hospital authority that the request was unreasonable, especially since the news magazine expose on the hospital had already been published.

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