PHILADELPHIA, September 12, 2012, ( – Months after the raid that brought Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s “House of Horrors” to public attention, prosecutors continue to uncover its crimes.

On Tuesday, 41-year-old Corey Lambert plead guilty to obtaining nearly 1,000 illegal prescriptions for such narcotics as OxyContin, codeine, and Tussionex from the abortion clinic.


Gosnell stands accused of writing one million bad scripts as part of a side venture prosecutors say earned the late-term abortionist hundreds of thousands of dollars

It was the prescription drug investigation that caused authorities to raid Gosnell abortion clinic in West Philadelphia.

In addition to evidence of fraud, officers discovered urine and blood-stained chairs, cats that roamed the premises freely, unsanitized instruments that spread venereal diseases, and jars of dismembered babies.

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Gosnell faces murder charges claiming he delivered at least six children alive, then severed their spines or slashed their throats with scissors, sometimes cracking jokes as the newborn infants squirmed for life. His associates have said Gosnell engaged in this practice hundreds of times.

The unborn and newly born were not his only victims. Karnamaya Mongar, a 41-year-old refugee from Nepal, died after unlicensed medical staff administered an overdose of Demerol at Gosnell’s clinic in November 2009.

Others have come forward to say Gosnell forced them to have abortions against their will.

Some of Gosnell’s former workers, including his wife Pearl, have already plead guilty to charges ranging from criminal conspiracy to third-degree murder

Gosnell plead not guilty in January and is currently being held without bail pending trial.