OTTAWA, June 13, 2003 ( – Parliament unexpectedly rose today, a week early for summer recess, over the objections of the NDP Party who attempted to force a vote on homosexual hate crime Bill C-250.  Although Parliament has risen, the effect on both Bills C-250 and reproductive technologies Bill C-13 is to delay them until the Fall.  It appears that, after many changed dates for an attempt to pass C-13, the Liberal hierarchy has concluded that it just does not have the votes to pass the bill, especially because of divisions within the party over the issue. The House is to resume sitting September 15.  Pro-life and pro-family Canadians are being strongly urged to use the summer break as a special opportunity to contact their MPs to ensure they support pro-life and pro-family legislation and to specifically to vote against hate crime Bill C-250 and embryonic research. Expressions of gratitude are also encouraged to those MPs who have persistently and courageously opposed both bills.  See yesterday’s story:  Manipulation in Canadian Justice Committee Ends in Vote to Not Appeal Ontario Gay Marriage Decision