WASHINGTON, April 6, 2004 (LifeSiteNews.com) – The Family Research Council has compiled a comparison of a typical homosexual couple’s lifestyle with that of heterosexual. The findings contradict much of mainstream media’s claim that same-sex couples do not differ in most respects from heterosexual couples.

Author Timothy J. Dailey, Ph.D., reveals that “‘committed’ homosexual relationships are radically different from married couples in several key respects: the duration of the relationship; monogamy v. promiscuity; relationship commitment; number of children being raised; health risks; and the rates of intimate partner violence.”

Specifically, Dailey relates that, despite homosexuals’ claim that their relationships last equally long as married heterosexuals, “research, however, indicates that male homosexual relationships last only a fraction of the length of most marriages.”

While almost 58 percent of married heterosexuals were still married after 20 years, a survey of same-sex couples found that “only 15 percent describe their current relationship as having lasted twelve years or longer, with five percent lasting more than twenty years.” Also, a Netherlands study related that the ‘duration of steady partnerships’ was typically no more than 1.5 years.

When surveyed about fidelity, married heterosexuals consistently reported that men remained faithful at least 75 percent of the time, and women at least 85 percent of the time. On the other hand, research revealed that it was not uncommon for “the average male homosexual” to have “hundreds of sex partners in his lifetime.” Also, a Dutch study found that “men with a steady partner had an average of eight sexual partners per year.”

Dailey illustrates that an “extremely low rate of sexual fidelity among homosexual men dramatically contrasts with the high rate of fidelity among married heterosexuals.”

A Journal of Sex Research study revealed “that only 2.7 percent of older homosexuals had only one sexual partner in their lifetime,” Dailey reports.

Read the full FRC report at: https://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=IS04C02&f=PG03I03

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