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Stericycle servicing a Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

COLUMBUS, Ohio, February 16, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – An Ohio pro-life group has launched a campaign promoting a strategy to shut down Planned Parenthood that, they maintain, capitalizes on what abortionists themselves claim is the industry’s “weak link.”

According to the abortion industry's own experts, the abortion industry’s Achilles heel is the medical waste companies such as Stericycle that incinerate and dispose of the bodies of aborted children whom it kills, argues pro-life group Created Equal. The abortion industry, it says, simply cannot function without partnering with these companies.

It’s this “problem” faced by the abortion industry, of how to regularly dispose of the high volume of children’s bodies it kills, that Created Equal’s #ProjectWeakLink looks to make use of.

They point, for example, to a key admission by Michigan abortion chain owner Renee Chelian: “We are all one incinerator away, or one incineration company away, from being closed,” Chelian, owner of the Michigan Northland Family Planning abortion chain said during a talk at a 2014 National Abortion Federation conference.

Video footage of the event shows Chelian discussing the problem of disposing of aborted babies and proposing solutions. She admits that before her partnership with Stericycle, “I had five months’ worth of fetal tissue in my freezers.”
Chelian further told her abortion audience that if it weren’t for the “PR nightmare,” it would be a “great idea” to burn the aborted children’s remains for energy.

What if Stericycle were to stop doing the dirty work of Planned Parenthood? “Planned Parenthood would be unable to dispose of the babies they kill, and the murder of millions of innocent children by Planned Parenthood would likely halt.”

Created Equal was part of the pro-life coalition behind the #ProtestPP effort to further educate the public on Planned Parenthood’s trafficking in aborted humans’ remains, and the campus-focused pro-life group hopes to harness this same grassroots power to deprive Planned Parenthood of its means of disposal of aborted children.

The Ohio attorney general reported in Planned Parenthood Investigation Summary Regarding Disposal of Aborted Fetuses that Stericycle disposes of fetal remains for Ohio Planned Parenthood facilities, the Columbus-based pro-life organization’s statement says, and “Stericycle is Planned Parenthood's main medical waste service provider in America.”

Stericycle has a longstanding alliance with the abortion industry in the collection, transportation and incineration of aborted children, including working with notorious convicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell in the disposal of his aborted victims.

Pro-life activists had called for an investigation of the medical waste giant in 2013 after evidence emerged that Stericycle unlawfully dumped the bodies of babies killed by Gosnell in a municipal landfill.

Earlier in 2012, Stericycle was said to have been servicing the late-term abortion facility of Steven Brigham, who was facing numerous charges, including murder, at the time.

And in 2011, Stericycle was fined $42,000 for illegally dumping aborted babies into a municipal landfill in Texas together with household and commercial garbage.

The #ProjectWeakLink campaign involves a nationwide effort to contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto and respectfully request that Stericycle stop providing services to dispose of fetal remains and the instruments used to kill babies for Planned Parenthood, along with a public awareness campaign with a petition, mobile billboards, postcards delivered to the neighborhoods of Stericycle board members and protests at specified Stericycle locations.

“If we don't act NOW to pressure these medical waste companies to discontinue providing Planned Parenthood the services to dispose of aborted children and the instruments used to kill them, we will have missed a historic opportunity to stop the killing,” stated Mark Harrington, national director for Created Equal. “The time is now to demand that Stericycle stop enabling Planned Parenthood to kill babies.”

Created Equal notes that despite being caught by the Ohio Attorney General disposing of fetal remains, Stericycle has said through its Vice-President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Selin Hoboy that it “does not accept fetuses” in accordance to its Regulated Medical Waste Acceptance Policy.

“This is merely a semantic ploy,” Created Equal said in its statement.

According to the policy, Stericycle will not accept “complete human remains,” which includes fetuses, however, babies are not “complete” after being subjected to the standard abortion methods of dismemberment, decapitation and disembowelment. The fact the aborted children are in the state of broken parts and torn tissue is how Stericyle justifies categorizing them “pathological waste”, which it does do accept.

“So while they may not be picking up intact fetuses, they do accept aborted babies' fragmented body parts,” the Created Equal release said. “Stericycle uses this technical exception to justify their continued collaboration in child-killing.”

To contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto:

847-607-2004 or [email protected]