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(LifeSiteNews) — Ladies of LifeSite is back! We are proud to present our new host, Stella Moore, the marketing coordinator for LifeSiteNews and the social media coordinator for the Coalition for Canceled Priests.

This week she sits down with Amber Rose, also known as The Religious Hippie, who shares her story of coming back to the Catholic Church and witnessing to her faith in a secular world. Follow The Religious Hippie on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Instagram.

Rose says hitting “rock bottom” and praying the Rosary kickstarted her journey back to the faith.

“I can’t really say what specifically was my saving grace besides maybe the Rosary, because I started praying that before I actually came back into my faith and started going to Mass again regularly. So I would say Our Lady was definitely one of those saving graces, literally, for me,” she says.

“But once I actually started getting involved in my faith again and going to Mass and doing all these things, looking back on it, I really do believe the fact that my parents made me get the sacraments and all of those things was very important and played a vital role in me returning to the faith. Because once we have those sacraments, we’re already Catholic, and all we need to do is go back, repent and start practicing our faith again,” she adds.

Rose also describes her perseverance through a difficult eight months of spiritual desolation last year and how it drew her even closer to God.

“All I can say is that grace really does flow from spiritual dryness, because God will put us through these tests, and He puts us through these tests to test our loyalty, but also to help us grow in faith,” she says. “Because if we simply stay comfortable in our faith, we aren’t going to grow. And so it takes a little bit of struggle.”

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