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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon considers the possibility that a debate on transgender ideology is about to break out in Canada given the country’s current policy trends, the Conservative Party’s adoption of pro-family resolutions, and the backlash they have received from the mainstream media.

Most countries, Jonathon observes, are reconsidering the practice of “sex change” operations or “treatments” for minors, with Denmark being the latest European nation to limit the practice. In the United States, he notes, the issue became a “blue state versus red state” phenomenon, mirroring the passage of pro-life laws. 

In Canada, however, Jonathon notes that there has been a silence on the issue until recently. After New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs defended a potential policy change mandating parents be notified about their children’s change of pronouns and names in schools in May, a policy Jonathon calls “anodyne,” gender ideology had become prevalent in the country “overnight.”

“It was simply taken for granted that this was the next step after the redefinition of marriage and the acceptance of gay rights,” Jonathon opines.

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Reaction to Higgs’ policy from activists, Jonathon says, was “immediate,” with claims that it would lead to gender-confused children committing suicide. Even so, the policy proved popular, and other Conservative politicians began opining on gender ideology, with Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe defending a policy similar to that of Higgs. 

“There’s a couple of things that I think are important to highlight here,” Jonathon says. “The first thing is that it just takes one politician to finally have the guts to say what everybody else is thinking and the dominoes start to fall.” He also contends that the LGBT lobby is a “paper tiger,” and that the popularity of policies such as those backed by Higgs and Moe demonstrates it. 

“We’re starting to see a discussion emerge, and we’re starting to see that the LGBT movement’s illusion of power was just that,” he contends. “The reason they seemed so powerful was because nobody bothered to push back. The reason they… seem so popular is because the media was profoundly disinterested in finding out what Canadians actually think about these issues.” 

Jonathon also highlights the media’s reaction to the potential debate in light of the Conservative Party’s overwhelming vote at their convention in favor of two pro-family resolutions, one maintaining that children should not be subject to gender mutilation, and another maintaining that women’s spaces should be reserved for biological women. 

Discussing the media’s response, Jonathon says that the press “almost immediately” attempted to “run cover for the transgender movement.” He also says that the media’s reaction to the debate, such as an article in the Toronto Star claiming that it is the privilege and not the right of a parent to know the gender of their children, highlights the “contempt” the media, activists, and politicians have for the sacrifices of parents.

“Hopefully we’ll have a public debate in Canada,” Jonathon concludes. “Hopefully Canadian parents will wake up and realize what the progressive parties and the press and the activists actually think about them, and maybe we’ll finally have a debate that we should have had a decade ago. Maybe we’ll finally get to roll back some of these policies. And above all, maybe we’ll finally manage to protect kids from these parents with no values and these surgeons with no ethics.”

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