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(LifeSiteNews) — Catholics searching for a way to share the Gospel will have an opportunity to learn first-hand from radio evangelist Terry Barber at the Rome Life Forum this autumn. 

Terry Barber, the founder of Saint Joseph Communications, the Catholic Resource Center, and Lighthouse Catholic Media, all organizations dedicated to spreading the Gospel, will be among the panel members at the 2023 Rome Life Forum. 

“Do you remember those CDs at the back of churches that were awesome and promoted the faith from Scott Hahn or from the most faithful bishops?” asked LifeSite’s Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen. 

“The man responsible for that is the great evangelist Terry Barber, who has promoted the faith tirelessly for decades. He is also the host of the Bishop Strickland Show on LifeSiteNews and Virgin Most Powerful Radio,” he added. 

Before his career as a radio host, Barber used audiotape and CD evangelization to touch countless hearts. He has distributed over 25 million Catholic inspirational audio CDs and DVDs. 

In the 1980s, Barber began to spread Christ’s word on the radio when there were only 5 Catholic stations across the country. He has since brought the Gospel to thousands of homes over 180 Catholic radio stations around the United States through Virgin Most Powerful Radio. 

Barber later founded Saint Joseph Communications, the largest international Catholic audio and video reproduction and distribution company in the United States. It also has distributors in Canada, England, Australia, and the Philippines. 

Readers who have heard Dr. Scott Hahn, Jesse Romero, Steve Wood, Steven Ray, Tim Staples, or Dr. Michael Barber, have thus been influenced indirectly by Barber’s work to share the Good News.  

Barber also started Lighthouse Catholic Media. which aims to help Catholics understand and live the one true Faith by video-based study programs and books for all ages and stages of life.  

How God used a layman to save His church 

In 2023, Barber appeared on the John-Henry Westen Show to reveal how he saved a Catholic church from being sold and potentially demolished in the late 1990s.  

The Sacred Heart of Jesus Chapel, a church in the Los Angeles diocese, was built for $16,500 in 1911, and now hosts Masses for the Anglican Ordinariate, Maronite Catholics, Melkite Catholics, as well as the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM). The chapel hosts over 200 funerals per year as well as conferences and retreats. All this activity helps provide income for the upkeep of Virgin Most Powerful Radio. 

Barber’s chapel was the only Catholic church in Southern California to not close its doors during the COVID lockdowns; some people traveled up to 400 miles to get there for sacramental Confession. Barber declared that, despite the legal trouble, he would leave the church open again. 

Barber is an example of a Catholic layman who has offered what gifts he has for the good of the Church.  

“This is something that even a guy like me can do,” Barber said about buying the church to preserve it for Catholic worship.  

“Basically, it takes someone who says, ‘Look, I want to preserve the faith. And right now, in the Church, this is a crisis mode.’” 

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Barber hosts the Bishop Strickland Show on LifeSiteNews each week to discuss current events, politics, and Catholic doctrine.  

He also joins Jesse Romero each week for the Terry & Jesse Show, to discuss how Scripture sheds light to help Catholics faithfully respond to current crises, including the COVID pandemic, Pope Francis’ “curious doctrine,” and woke ideology.  

Rome Life Forum attendees will have the opportunity to consult with Barber and hear how he brought Christ’s word into the homes of countless Catholics and non-believers across the world. Its purpose collaboration, the 2023 Rome Life Forum will encourage active participation of everyone present in the strategy sessions with guest speakers. Cardinal Muller, Bishop Strickland, freedom activist Reggie Littlejohn, and LifeSite’s own John-Henry Westen will be among them. 

The conference will take place in the four-star A.Roma LifeStyle Hotel, which is just south of the Janiculum, one of the famous seven hills of Rome, a five-minute drive from the beautiful Villa Doria Pamphili and its gardens.    

Tickets are limited to 200, so be sure to secure your own today. For the latest information on this year’s Rome Life Forum, please visit