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(LifeSiteNews) —In this week’s episode of The Ladies of LifeSite, Lisa and Clare were joined by Debbie Kopp, a mother of 10 children and an active member in her community. She walked through the different seasons in life, with its ups and downs, and talked about the importance of supporting one another, especially during hard times.

Debbie highlighted to the Ladies some examples of how she herself found support and community as she raised her ten children. One key area that guided and continues to guide her entire family was to maintain faith and their spiritual grounding.

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Starting early in their marriage, Debbie and her husband made “the family rosary a key part of our faith life,” as well as prayer devotions and the Eucharist.

But, in raising a large family she also found practical support through homeschooling co-ops, numerous extra-curricular activities and groups for their kids, and days when she and her friends would help each other out by having the children at their houses for a few hours.

The mother also talked about the details and importance of spiritual direction, as well as giving some tips on how to find a good mentor for your spiritual life. She described how being a spiritual director herself is “a very humbling apostolate, because I will learn so much from the women that I’m guiding.”

Debbie shared that the first step to look for a spiritual director should begin in your own parish or with “a priest that you know and trust.” You can also find resources online for groups that give information on mentoring. She further said how good spiritual directors will also offer practical tips on parenting and marriage.

Finally, Debbie encouraged parents, couples, and every person that life and your specific vocation in life is a “constant discernment process” and that in whatever season in life you find yourself always put your trust in God.

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