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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s episode of Faith & Reason, the panel discussed at length all the different ways of preparing for the announcement of radical pro-abortion groups, such as “Jane’s Revenge,” that there will be a “Night of Rage” if the Supreme Court rules in favor of life.

Liz Yore gave an introduction to this topic, saying it is “most appropriate” that such radical groups be declared “domestic terrorists,” as some congressional Republicans are now demanding. We need to “restore law and order,” she added.

Jack Maxey said he sees a “demonic element” in this pro-abortion rage, adding that it is “very telling” there’s a desire “to maintain a system of violence about the most innocent by using violence.” In his eyes, these radical pro-abortionists, “in their desperation,” are now “exposing themselves.” The eyes of many American and global citizens might now be opened.

John-Henry Westen found it “an incredible turn of events with the sort of acceptance of violence.”

“We saw that, I think, first in a major way with Black Lives Matter, the media saying ‘oh, it’s so peaceful’ while the buildings are burning in the background,” he said.

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Liz Yore gave some concrete steps that churches and pregnancy centers can take in order to protect themselves against assaults: for example, getting in touch with local law enforcement, as well as maintaining daily communication within the community. In her eyes, this situation is “an opportunity to come together and to really build a community of life.”

John-Henry Westen added that it is important to “form a security team at your parish, at your church community, at your pro-life center.” He also proposes getting involved younger men who are perhaps currently less involved in parish life, but who actually might be drawn back into the Church if they’re asked to help.

Here the gun question came into the discussion. Maxey pointed out that gun rights are part of our human rights, “to protect [our] own lives.”

“We are endowed by our Creator and our Founding Fathers with certain inalienable rights,” he explained, “so that we could defend ourselves from tyranny.”

The panel also discussed the idea to ask some members who have concealed weapon permits to get organized. They could get liability insurance and thus provide some extra protection as private citizens. In addition, to use only one door as an entrance for a while might give additional protection as well. If one cannot get a local police car placed in front of the building during a gathering, one could also place a normal car there with a security sign, just to send a message to potential protesters.

Father James Altman confirmed from his experience as pastor how important it is to work well with local law enforcement.

Switching gears, Jack Maxey introduced the topic of the Ukrainian conflict, where we see signs of escalation. For example, Lithuania has blocked Russia from transporting certain goods to Kaliningrad with the explicit support of the United States. He said he sees that as “another unnecessary provocation from the West.”

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In his eyes, the “food inflation and the fuel inflation” are caused by governmental decisions in the West, and the increasing conflict with Russia will worsen it. For example, Russia is now exporting many goods to China, with Russia becoming the “largest single provider to China.” Such an alliance can become detrimental to the West, and Maxey argues in favor of finding ways to collaborate with Russia, rather than alienating them.

“How much escalation do they really want,” he asks in light of the fact that Ukraine recently sent a “drone deep into Russian territory” and set a gasoline refinery on fire. Many countries in the world are not following the U.S.’s war policy with Russia, the political analyst adds, because “they want their fertilizer, because they don’t want their people to starve.” And starvation will come, according to Maxey, for Africans most likely at the end of this summer.

For Father Altman, this creation of chaos worldwide is “all intentional” to prepare the world for some sort of “savior,” be it the Antichrist or a “global superpower.”

Jack Maxey said he hopes for the coming of “more rational” minds who can help seek true solutions to this crisis, and Liz Yore encouraged us all to “go back to our roots, go back to our faith.”

“People are going to return to their knees,” she said.

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