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(LifeSiteNews) — On this week’s solo episode of the Van Maren Show, Jonathon exposes the LGBT handbook in order to prepare his listeners for “Pride” month, beginning Thursday. 

According to Jonathon, there are three steps the LGBT movement uses to function.  

“Step one: LGBT Activists will insist that everybody fly the LGBT flag to overtly announce support for their ideology,” he begins.

“Step two: some institutions will decline to fly this flag for reasons ranging from religious to community unity. It doesn’t happen often, but you are seeing it happen occasionally.”

“Step three: LGBT activists then characterize this refusal to proactively show support for their agenda as, quote, ‘backlash.’ Canadian media obediently characterizes it as such, and LGBT activists are now victims of their target’s refusal to participate in the narrative they themselves have created.”

“It’s a pretty neat trick and it’s something we see unfolding in communities across Canada,” Jonathon continued. “The strategy is so brazen that it only succeeds due to a potent combination of the cowardice of our politicians and the uniform and total collaboration of our press.” 

In the course of the episode, Jonathon gave two examples of how this strategy works, highlighting the recent refusal of an Ontario Catholic school board to fly a “Pride” flag over its buildings during June as well the reaction to a small Ontario town’s decision not to fly “Pride” flags, opting instead to fly the flags of Canada, Ontario, and the town flag in order to be the most “inclusive.” 

“Consider all the examples I just gave you,” said Jonathon. “These people are claiming that they are at risk of violence if somebody doesn’t fly their personal flags on somebody else’s property. If I claimed that I was at personal risk, if somebody didn’t fly a flag representing my world view. I think we would all agree that I was being ridiculous.” 

“You see how this works,” he continued. “LGBT activists demand overt support for their agenda. This isn’t about live and let live; this is about you overtly supporting them by raising a flag or attending a parade or recognizing their month if that support is not immediately forthcoming. They accuse those who disagree with them or simply disinterested in wading into a culture war by waving a flag of some sort or another of making communities unsafe, with the implication being that people will literally die if we do not all loudly affirm their beliefs.” 

Jonathon further compared the “Pride” flag to the flag of a colonizing power, noting that “planting flags” have been used for centuries by colonizers. As he explains, the LGBT movement is “no different” from colonizers of the past. 

“The reason they’re offended, they can’t plant their flag [somewhere] is because that indicates their colonization isn’t totally complete, and that there are still inches of territory that have not been claimed in the name of the LGBTQIA+ to be continued,” Jonathon explained.  

“And that’s why I think it’s increasingly important to create public spaces that are neutral and welcome to everyone rather than flying the banner of this conquering, intolerant movement.” 

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