Saved from abortion by a Google search: Katie’s true story

She just couldn’t believe it. The test was positive. Things were so bad at home already. Her grandparents would be so disappointed in her. Terrible timing.
Tue Mar 4, 2014 - 10:55 am EST

March 4, 2014 ( - She just couldn’t believe it. The test was positive. Things were so bad at home already. Her father had disappeared, leaving her mother struggling to put food on the table.


So irresponsible — one more thing to drag her mother into deeper grief and burden. Her grandparents would be so disappointed in her. Terrible timing. Her boyfriend would probably disappear too. Everything would change. There really was no other choice.

Everybody goes into the city for their abortions. She searched for abortion on the Internet. She had already decided what would happen. With fear and determination, she called a number she found online.

Only it wasn’t an abortion facility that answered.

The woman she talked to was kind, interested. She gave her a glimmer of hope. She clearly told her they don’t do or refer for abortions, but they do provide pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. It was free. So she made the appointment. And kept it.

At the center she talked with a staff member first. Terry took so much time with her. She felt like she had all the time in the world to talk with her. Again, a glimmer of hope. Terry asked her to consider things she hadn’t thought about before, things she hadn’t let herself think about. Like being a mom, thinking of...the baby. What could life look like? The baby...

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In the ultrasound room, she got scared again. This can’t happen. She answered the nurse’s questions but really didn’t want to share too much. She agreed that she needed to hear about the abortion procedure. The nurse shared about “late term” and anesthesia and pain control, possible complications, and health risks of the abortion procedure.


She had always heard it was “no big deal.” This sounded like a big deal.

Then the ultrasound. It was so quiet, just looking at the baby. No question it was a baby. A big baby, a 20-week-old baby. The nurse took some measurements, and then she just let her look at her baby. The baby moved all around, concentrating on sucking her thumb. My baby is sucking her thumb. My baby.

Months later, she talked to the nurse again. Her daughter had been born, and she told the nurse, “She brings so much joy to everyone.” She could not imagine life without her. She had graduated but planned to stay at home for six months to bond with the baby. Her baby.

Life had changed — but not in all the bad ways she’d once imagined. The family had expanded and made room for the little baby who’d become the unexpected joy of all of their lives.

Katie’s story is seen time and time again in life-affirming pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) across the country. Many women arrive at their appointments feeling determined to have an abortion. But then, after seeing those beating hearts and kicking legs on the ultrasound monitors, they often realize that giving life to their unborn children is the only real option worth choosing.

Just like Katie, most women’s life-decision process begins in front of the computer with an Internet search. In fact, every month in America there are approximately two million Internet searches for abortion and abortion-related terms. It is imperative that we connect with these women and inform them about all of their options before they contact an abortion clinic.


That’s why it’s vital that we help these women receive the compassionate care they need when they’re facing unplanned pregnancies. Through Online for Life’s advanced online and offline marketing strategies, women like Katie are connected with PRCs where they are told the truth about life in the womb. And whether or not a woman ultimately chooses LIFE, participating PRCs often offer assistance to women in need beyond that initial appointment.

But whenever women do choose LIFE, we at Online for Life share our excitement over these mothers’ bold decisions with our Facebook community of over 340,000+ fans.

To find out more about Online for Life’s mission to rescue families and babies from abortion, click here.

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