AUSTIN, August 18, 2004 ( – Covered in over 100 newspapers today, a conference put on by the Texas Freedom Network (TFN) carried the catchy title “How Would Jesus Vote.”  Conference participants, referred to as “Religion Experts” by much of the media came out strongly in favour of John Kerry over George Bush.  However, one fact missing from the mainstream coverage is that TFN is a decidedly leftist outfit billing itself prominently as “A mainstream voice to counter the religious right.” ( )  The conference was sponsored by the intensely anti-Christian Planned Parenthood organization, among others ( ).  Participants applauded when speaker James C. Moore said, “If ever there were a bleeding-heart liberal, it was Jesus Christ, I think the carpenter from Galilee was the original Democrat.”

A different approach to how Jesus would vote was undertaken by ChristiaNet Inc. ( ), which has just completed a presidential poll of approximately 18,000 Christians located in the United States.  The poll consisted of twenty-five platform questions from both the Republican and Democratic parties. The voters were asked to identify which candidate they agreed with the most on these twenty-five key issues. In addition, the users were asked if the election was held today, which candidate would they vote for.  On all but a handful of issues, the Christians surveyed agreed with Bush over Kerry.  Most notably on abortion, 80% agreed with Bush; on Gay adoption, 82% agreed with Bush; on the Same sex marriage ban, 76% agreed with Bush.  In the final analysis, 71% would vote for Bush and only 17% for Kerry.  94% of respondents were registered to vote.  jhw