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URGENT: Will you defend Truth?

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We are struggling to stay on pace to hit our bare minimum fundraising goal this summer with ONLY 3 DAYS remaining. With the censorship we have been facing from Facebook, we have a long way yet to go.

As a faithful follower of our reporting, you know that we continuously and boldly stand for Truth as a voice for the voiceless. From Alfie Evans to Vicki Kissack to Jack Phillips, our supporters have allowed us to represent the “underdogs” who otherwise would have been silenced by mainstream media.

We know that just as “a city on a hill cannot be hidden,” the Truth cannot be silenced, it must be proclaimed.  

And your support of even just $5 today will ensure the continued proclamation of the truth and a voice for the voiceless amidst a culture that wants to silence the truth.

We must raise $111,826 by Friday to continue providing the same level of hard-hitting, investigative, and unique news coverage that cannot be found anywhere else!


We are incredibly grateful for the thousands of supporters whose support has allowed us to celebrate and bring hope to millions with stories like the recent US Supreme Court victories for pro-life pregnancy centers and parents who shut down an X-rated Snapchat account.

A gift of even $5 or $10 today will enable us to continue reporting on victories like these!

Our collective voices matter, especially when media giants like Facebook attempt to silence those of us who speak out on behalf of the voiceless.

We are counting on you in this late hour to help us reach our goal. We simply cannot continue without your faithful support. There is still much, much more to be done!

Our supporters ensure 30 million people get the truth every year - more than I ever dreamed could be reached when I co-founded LifeSite with Steve Jalsevac 20 years ago.

That is the power your donation has!

And yet, I am more convinced than ever that together we have a duty to greatly expand our reach in order to effectively stand against the juggernaut of the Culture of Death.

No matter what direction our culture takes, your support today means we will continue to boldly, fearlessly and unapologetically publish reports in defense of the unborn, the family, traditional morality, and freedom!


Thank you in advance for your support! Please note, you can also donate by phone or mail. We also love to read the comments frequently sent by readers with their donations.

And finally, please keep LifeSite in your daily prayers! We know this is a spiritual battle, and we rely heavily on your spiritual support to undertake what sometimes seems like humanly impossible tasks.

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