Wednesday January 13, 2010

Huge Victory for Homeschoolers in New Hampshire

PURCELLVILLE, Virginia, January 13, 2010 ( – On Wednesday, the New Hampshire House of Representatives resoundingly rejected a draconian homeschool proposal by voting 324-34 to maintain the current law. “Winning by such a significant margin is welcome relief for New Hampshire homeschool families,” said Mike Donnelly, staff attorney for HSLDA.

Rank and file Democrats joined Republicans to support homeschoolers when Democratic leaders did not oppose Education Chair Emma Rouse (D) and Representative Judith Day (D) from using House procedures to bring a vote to the floor of the whole house.

A bi-partisan legislative study committee had already rejected the proposed new homeschool regulations by a vote of 14-6. The rejected proposal would have required that every homeschooled student be tested every year and a portfolio review be conducted for every student. Test scores would have been sent annually to the New Hampshire Department of Education who would also have been granted sweeping rule making authority.

“It was a real surprise when Democratic leaders collaborated to bring these major changes to the floor for a vote, especially since the very same proposal had already been soundly rejected by their own committee,” said Donnelly.

The victory was made possible by thousands of homeschool families from all over New Hampshire working diligently alongside HSLDA and Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire to educate their representatives about the threat to homeschool freedom.

Homeschool families participated in rallies, called their legislators, wrote letters, as well as walked the corridors of the state house to show their opposition.

“Thankfully, New Hampshire homeschoolers responded to the threat. It was an incredible effort by an amazing group of people,” said Donnelly.