TORONTO, Sept 27 ( – Research underway at a Toronto hospital has successfully matured human ova inside mice. London’s The Independent reports that the research confirms earlier studies undertaken by the controversial human reproductive scientist, Roger Gosden. With earlier research demonstrating that male gonads implanted in mice can create sperm, it is now possible to create human children, the product of mice. 

LifeSite reported last week that Gosden, who had his research criminalized in Britain since it involved the use of ova from aborted baby girls in fertility treatments, is taking a post with McGill University this October. On Saturday, Gosden’s appearance at the opening day of the annual conference of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and Canadian Fertility and Andrology Society in Toronto was met with pro-life protests. Demonstrators handed out material noting that the offspring of Gosden’s fertility research would have to be told “YOUR MOTHER WAS A DEAD BABY.” 

With files from Pro-Life E-News Canada