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Brian Fisher of Human Coalition talks with Jonathon Van Maren on today’s episode of The Van Maren Show. Fisher was actually working in Christian radio when he was first introduced to the pro-life movement. He became involved with a pregnancy resource center as a donor and volunteer over 20 years ago. Quickly, Fisher began using his business experience and way of looking at everything to evaluate the pro-life movement. He began to use tools and data to evaluate opportunities, risks, and performance within the pro-life movement.

That’s how Human Coalition got started. Fisher explains, “If we’re not going to measure it, we won’t do it because we need to be able to make the best use of every donor dollar, and validate that our work is having an impact.” They said no to a lot of cool projects, because it wasn’t measurable. 

They began to realize the biggest problems with pregnancy resource centers: they struggled to reach women who were at risk to abort. Why? Because pregnancy centers are often volunteer only, and have little-to-no budget to work with. A women who is at high-risk to abort doesn’t even know pregnancy centers exist, and certainly won’t visit one, because they’re not offering what she thinks she needs (which is an abortion). 

Human Coalition began using a specific and unique approach to reach and talk with women who are in the high-at-risk-to-abort category. This method has been the backbone of the organization for the last decade. Watch this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show to find out how they access these women.