By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  November 8, 2007 ( -The director of the Latin American office of the pro-life Population Research Institute has written a scathing open letter denouncing the “anti-democratic imperialism” of the pro-abortion organization Human Rights Watch.

  Carlos Polo Samaniego of PRI notes that while Human Rights Watch portrays itself as pro-democracy, its recent actions in Nicaragua prove otherwise. Although the representatives of the Nicaraguan people have voted overwhelmingly to institute and maintain criminal punishments for abortion, which is itself a violation of the human right to life, Human Rights Watch is demanding that the law be changed to suit its pro-abortion position.

“It is appropriate to ask: on what basis does Human Rights Watch contend that abortion is an intrinsic right corresponding to modern democracies?” Polo writes. “Nicaragua, an independent nation, after a full democratic process, confirmed that to kill an unborn child is not nor can be a right. Why is it attacked by people who consider themselves “promoters of democracy”? Where and when was this concept invented that abortion is a right?”

  Polo observes that Human Rights Watch is willing to go to any end, including falsifying maternal death statistics, to promote its abortionist agenda. While the organization claims that numerous women have died from illegal abortions as a result of Nicaragua’s blanket prohibition, the Nicaraguan government’s statistics actually show a decline in pregnancy-related deaths. 

“This reduction in maternal deaths experienced by Nicaragua is very similar to what happened in other countries like Chile and El Salvador” writes Polo. “In these specific cases, greater protection for the unborn child brought about an improved protection of women’s lives. The statistics clearly endorse this thesis and disprove those that promote legal abortion.”

  The full letter, translated into English, can be found at LifeSite at the following link: