By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

  MOROCCO, February 27, 2008 ( – Human Rights Watch (HRW), an organization that has long been committed to promoting homosexual behavior and abortion as human “rights”, has now targeted the government of Morocco.

  The organization, working together with the “Moroccan Human Rights Association”, is “urging” the government of Morocco to repeal its laws banning sodomy. Under Moroccan law, those who are convicted of the crime can spend up to three years in prison. To pressure the government, HRW is gathering signatures for an on-line petition.

  The campaign was initiated in response to the recent arrest, trial, and imprisonment of several men who participated in a gay “wedding” ceremony in the town of Ksar el-Kbir.  The “wedding party”, which began in a private home, ultimately paraded the male “bride” in the ceremony through the streets of the town, veiled like a woman.

  In addition, a video tape of the event was published on the internet, outraging Muslims, whose religion, like most major world religions, condemns sodomy as perverted and immoral.  It showed one man, dressed as a woman, dancing with two male attendees in front of an audience that included children (see video at  At one point, the “bride” is seen going into a room alone with one of his dance partners.

  HRW’s report on the situation omits the fact that the men staged a “gay wedding” celebration, claiming only that a video exists of a “party” they attended, which, says their petition, “showed no evidence of sexual acts”.

  The organization has a history of treating sodomy as a “right” and urging countries to eliminate their laws against the practice, including India, Fiji, Uganda, and Iran.  The organization claims that international human rights conventions protect homosexual sex acts from prosecution, citing non-authoritative interpretations made decades after the documents were originally signed.

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