Humorous PRI Cartoon Video on Health Care

"Health Care For All, Or Health Care For Some"?
Fri Sep 18, 2009 - 12:15 pm EST

FRONT ROYAL, Virgina, September 18, 2009 ( - PRI has released the first in a series of humorous cartoons intended to give the facts on President Obama’s purported health care reform.

This video is only the first of several slated to come out in the next few weeks, and each is intended to deftly tackle one specific aspect of health care.

“People are having trouble wrapping their minds around the 1,000 page health care bill,” says Colin Mason, PRI’s Director of Media Production and one of the video’s main architects. “Our short videos will give people the facts in a way that they can quickly absorb and communicate to others.”

“While the videos are funny, they are also factual,” Joseph Powell, the cartoon’s primary artist and narrator. “They’re little chunks of information that people can pass around, short enough to forward to friends, relatives and co-workers interested in the health care debate.”

See the video on the official PRI YouTube channel.

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