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A Muslim and Christian standing together in protest of LGBT indoctrination in Calgary schoolsRebel News / Twitter

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) –– Hundreds of concerned Muslim and Christian parents joined forces last Friday in Calgary to protest extreme LGBT propaganda and indoctrination being taught to kids in public schools.

A video of the June 16 protest posted online by Rebel News shows one man saying, “We stand together, as a Canadian people, as a Muslim and [as] a Christian, to protect our children,” with another man next to him then pointing to a group of counter-LGBT protestors adding, “From them, from that. We don’t need that.”

The group then started chanting, “Leave our kids alone, leave our kids alone.”  

The protest, dubbed “Protecting our Freedom of Choice,” was organized by the Alberta Muslims Social Association (AMSA) and was held in front of Calgary’s City Hall.  

In a passionate speech at the protest, a Muslim man said, “We came to this country because we have freedom of choice.” 

“We can practice our religion, deserve the right to protect us, we can be whatever we want to be, you can do whatever you want to do, but just leave our kids alone,” he added. 

The man said that the “other side” can “believe what they want” when it comes to what they do in their own “home” but “please don’t implement it in our kid’s education system. Don’t promote it in our schools, in our life.”  

“Even now, if you want to let your son watch a Disney movie, you have to monitor it, watch it three times before. There are so many hidden agendas there, that we cannot understand,” he said at the end of his speech.  

Overall, the protest was peaceful despite the tense atmosphere.

Many parents who were holding signs reading “Leave our kids alone,” along with “Protect Innocence, Demand Change,” were only within a few feet of counter-protestors, who were hurling insults.  

The amount of pro-LGBT counter-protestors was nonetheless dwarfed by the pro-family side. 

One LGBT activist group, Queer Citizens United, actively told its members not to participate in the protest as they “are not sufficiently informed by Muslim leaders in the community.” 

Video of the event posted by Rebel News’s Adam Soos shows many cars appearing to honk in support of the pro-family protestors.  

AMSA said the protest was against the “shaming” Muslim parents have to go through to be able to teach their children in public schools “our religious values,” which often go against the LGBT narrative.   

AMSA had said before the protest, “We are standing together as parents and students from all faiths and races, to send a clear message that we love everyone and we respect their choices. In the same way, we share our love and respect other’s rights, we want our rights to be respected as well.”  

In a statement posted Sunday on Facebook, the group thanked all of those who attended the event.  

“Many thanks to all those who came last Friday from all over, to send a clear message [that] our kids are not alone,” said the group. 

The group added that “[w]e want our schools to be focused on academics and leave special values to the parents. We want the freedom for us Muslims and every religious group to practice and teach their religion, without fear of being shamed, excluded or cancelled.” 

According to the AMSA, all “religious schools” should be able “to teach religious studies freely without fear of losing funding.” 

“Fear tactics and propaganda are seeds, if planted now they will overcome us later.” 

Under Alberta law, as per the province’s constitution, parental choice in education includes many options, such as public schools, publicly-funded Catholic schools, charter schools, home schooling program and private schools. Parental rights, however, have not stopped LGBT activists from trying to force their agenda on public schools.   

In recent weeks, there has been a steady rise in protests against LGBT propaganda across Canada. 

Two weeks ago, LifeSiteNews reported about a leaked audio recording that exposed a Canadian teacher from Edmonton, Alberta, who lambasted her Muslim students for skipping so-called “pride events.” In the recording, the teacher also suggested that opposing homosexual “pride” events excludes one from being considered “Canadian.”  

Last week, dozens of concerned Muslims, Christians, and even Jewish parents took part in a large anti-gender ideology protest in front of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board headquarters, with parents and kids alike voicing their opposition to radical gender ideology in the classroom.  

Video footage recorded at that event has since gone viral on social media, showing Muslim children stomping on the “pride flag” with the full support of their mother.  

The video shows no less than six kids stomping on a string of small “pride flags,” with one mother being heard saying, “yes, yes, yes, good, good.”    

Charges have also been laid against some pro-LGBT counter-protestors related to other demonstrations.  

Last week, a Calgary Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist was hit with hate crime and assault charges following an incident last month in which she pushed around Canadian Catholic high school student Josh Alexander during an international walkout protest event against the transgender “woke agenda” targeting girls in schools.