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BUDAPEST (LifeSiteNews) – After swearing his prime ministerial oath, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán promised to defend the family and Christian ideals. 

On May 16, Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán addressed Parliament, giving his vision for the future of Hungary after swearing his prime ministerial oath. In his speech, he took aim at the transgender ideology so much in vogue in North America and western Europe.  

“We shall protect our families, we shall not let gender activists into our schools, and in Hungary a father shall be a man, a mother a woman, and our children shall be left alone,” Orbán stated.  

“We stand for peace and security in Hungary, and we shall not accept economic measures that would ruin Hungarian families,” he added.  

In April, Orbán was re-elected Prime Minister of Hungary after fighting off a six-party coalition aimed at unseating him to take a supermajority in Parliament. As prime minister, he has consistently defended the rights of the family against the onslaught of the LGBT movement. 

Orbán stated in his speech that he won the election despite the fact that “the Hungarian left and their international allies, politicians, financiers, and the media all rallied against us.” He also made special allusion to the European Union and the Hungarian-born financier George Soros.  

“Let us make it clear: Brussels and George Soros were also playing to ensure our downfall,” he said. “They threatened us however they could. No wonder this victory fills us with electrifying energy.”  

“My friends, there is nothing so exhilarating as to be shot at without result,” Orbán continued. “We have won four times in a row despite financial crises, a global pandemic, floods of migrants, and even a war that was – and is – threatening our country.”  

As ever, the prime minister pledged to put Hungarian interests first. Alluding to the February 24 Russian invasion of Ukraine and its impact on the global economy, Orbán predicted a long, hard conflict.

“We Hungarians must be prepared for this, and in this tumult, we must set our course and create our own policy,” he said. “Part of the picture of the decade of war facing us will be recurring waves of suicidal policy in the Western world.” 

“We seek a community of free and equal nations, we seek a homeland of homelands, a democracy of democracies. We seek a Europe that fears God and defends the dignity of its people, a Europe that strives for the pinnacles of culture, of science, and of the spirit,” Orbán continued.  

Orbán has been under fire by the European Union for resisting mass migration to his nation. While he said he refused to “dismantle the fence” and let migrants enter Hungary, he indicated that he is sympathetic to the plight of Ukrainian refugees.  

“We have launched the largest humanitarian aid operation in Hungary’s history,” he said. “Proportionally, we have admitted the largest number of refugees, and we are providing for those in need. We will help Ukrainian refugees.”  

Orbán spoke of the importance of the role of the family in the future of Hungary. “In the years ahead, Hungary will protect its families and be proud of its children,” he said. “We believe in the nobility of work, and we know that the character of our nation is compatible with an independent individual and a cohesive community.” 

This is because Hungary, alongside Poland, “has become the last Christian, conservative bastion of the Western world.” 

“The way we think about the world and the future is different from that of the liberal, globalist mainstream; and we are building our country in a way that is different from the way that they are building theirs,” Orbán said. 

“We make no secret of the fact that we also want to give hope to others: hope that the Christian outlook on life, love of country and national pride – in other words, national politics – are not things of the past, but of the future,” he added. “Thirty years ago we thought that Europe was our future; today we think that we are Europe’s future. Let us feel the weight of our responsibility.” 

“God save Hungary! God above us all, Hungary before all else! Go, Hungary, go Hungarians!”