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Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary.Sean Gallup / Getty Images

BUDAPEST (LifeSiteNews) — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered a State of the Nation address on February 18 in which he doubled down on his government’s commitment to protect children from “gender propaganda” which he linked to “pedophilia.”

After spending much of the speech talking about the economic situation of Hungary and the difficult situation the Ukraine-Russia conflict has created for his country, Orbán ended his speech with a salvo against “a rainbow of words” that he called “the greatest threat to our children.”

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He stated: “Let us say it how it is: pedophilia cannot be forgiven. Children are sacred to us, and it falls to adults to protect children at all costs.”

The remark was made in response to a recent scandal in which a male LGBT activist educator bragged about having sexual relations with a 15-year-old adolescent boy.

Zsolt Bite is an openly homosexual nearly 40-year-old man and has called himself an ephebophile, which means an adult who is attracted to young teens.

Prime Minister Orbán added: “We are not interested in the fact that the world has gone mad, we are not interested in the disgusting fads that some people indulge in, we are not interested in the excuses and explanations Brussels gives for the inexplicable.”

He then called on lawmakers to embrace the enacting of the “strictest child protection system in Europe.”

“Gender propaganda is not just an entertaining caper,” he continued, “not just rainbow chatter, but the greatest threat stalking our children.”

Orbán concluded by stating: “We want our children to be left alone, because enough is enough! This kind of thing has no place in Hungary, and especially not in our schools.”

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Presently, Hungary has some of the strongest anti-LGBT propaganda laws in the western world, with one such law banning the dissemination of content in schools deemed to promote homosexuality and gender.