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WILMINGTON, Delaware (LifeSiteNews) — Federal prosecutors on Thursday indicted U.S. President Joe Biden’s son Hunter on three counts related to his allegedly illegal purchase of a firearm. No charges have been announced pertaining to Hunter Biden’s alleged involvement in foreign influence peddling schemes and corruption.

U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was appointed special counsel in the case last month, filed the charges against the president’s scandal-ridden son in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware on September 14.

The four-page indictment charges Hunter Biden with two counts of making “false and fictitious” statements when stated he was not addicted to an illegal controlled substance while purchasing a Colt Cobra 38SPL revolver in 2018. He is also charged with unlawful possession of the firearm while “an unlawful user of and addicted to” a “stimulant” or “narcotic drug.”

The younger Biden wrote in a 2021 autobiographical book that he had been addicted to crack cocaine at the time he purchased the firearm, The Daily Wire noted.

If convicted, Hunter Biden could face up to 10 years in prison.

The Thursday indictment comes after Trump-appointed district judge Maryellen Noreika refused to sign off in July on an earlier plea agreement that would have allowed Hunter to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges and enter a “diversion” program to avoid prosecution for the felony gun charge.

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Judge Noreika had requested additional information about the extent of legal immunity that would be afforded to the president’s son under the deal, asking prosecutors whether the arrangement would stymie future charges against Hunter for alleged failure to register as a foreign agent.

Prosecutors ended up scrapping the agreement, which Republicans had argued was a “sweetheart deal” that showed the Biden administration’s Department of Justice was protecting the Biden family amid evidence that Joe and Hunter had engaged in multi-million dollar overseas influence peddling schemes and corruption.

Evidence gathered from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop provides a trail of evidence suggesting the Biden family made millions of dollars through Hunter’s facilitation of meetings between his father and business interests around the world while Joe Biden was vice president of the United States under Barack Obama.

In the immediate lead-up to the 2020 presidential election, legacy media outlets and former U.S. intelligence officials argued that the authentic laptop had actually been Russian disinformation. Meanwhile, the sharing of the story on social media was severely throttled, a combination of factors that potentially tilted the election in favor of Joe Biden.

For his part, President Biden has vehemently denied allegations of involvement in his son’s business dealings, despite the fact that evidence suggests he spoke to his son regarding his involvement with Chinese oil company CEFC on at least one occasion, that he was put on speakerphone many times during Hunter Biden’s overseas meetings with business partners, and that Hunter himself suggested in a text message to his daughter that he gave his father half of his salary.

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It’s unclear whether future charges will be forthcoming with regard to Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. 

On Wednesday, Republican Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy announced the launch of a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden over his alleged involvement in the schemes.