MONTREAL, April 26, 2013 ( – A Canadian woman who says she has aborted five pregnancies told a radio show host that her last abortion was performed while she was 26 weeks pregnant for no serious reason.

“But the last time it happened to me, the fifth time, I got pretty far into the pregnancy,” a caller named Karel told show host Isabelle Maréchal from 98.5 FM in Montreal on April 9.

“I was 26 weeks,” said Karel.


The host was incredulous. “Oh wow, and they aborted you anyway?” she asked.

Karel: At the CLSC on Rue Sanguinet. They handle pregnancies of more than 24 weeks.

Host: Did you have a problem? Was it a [high-risk] pregnancy that endangered your life?

Karel: No, I had no problems. I was O negative, but that was no problem, because today I have a child…

But the host was still in disbelief. “I don't understand how they could've aborted you at 26 weeks if you weren't in a high-risk pregnancy,” she said.

“At 26 weeks? That…that's two-thirds of a pregnancy. We can't say it's an embryo any more,” the host said.

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Many Canadians are surprised when they discover that Canada has no law regarding abortion, making abortion legal during all nine months of a woman’s pregnancy for any reason.

A number of Canadian’s were dismayed last November when Statistics Canada confirmed to that 491 babies were left to die after being born alive during failed abortions. Pro-choice advocates at first slammed the interpretation of the Statistics Canada data, arguing that late term abortions did not happen in Canada.

“No physician in Canada can terminate a pregnancy over 24 weeks without serious indications such as if the life of the mother at risk, or if the fetus has very serious malformations,” wrote liberal and pro-abortion MP Carolyn Bennett earlier this year in a response to a column on the topic by the National Post’s Jonathan Kay.

“Mr. Kay’s assertion that late trimester abortions can be performed ‘for any reason, or no reason at all’ is just not true. I challenge him to find one late trimester abortion perfomed [sic] in Canada to a healthy mother with a healthy fetus,” she said.

During the broadcast, the radio host expressed her own surprise and disbelief over the caller’s decision to abort her baby at such a late stage.

Host: We can always debate about the [moral] state of the fetus, but it looks more like a baby than an embryo at 26 weeks.

Karel: Yes, he even moved. I thought it was gas. But it wasn't gas, it was kicks…The guilt that I experienced with that…I know there are plenty of people who judge but… it's gone beyond that. I am where I am. And I will tell you I'm very happy. And I don't regret it to be honest with you.

Earlier this month peer reviewed research published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that late-term abortions resulting in both stillbirths and live births are steadily on the rise.

Researchers found that the “overall rate of pregnancy terminations, whether resulting in a stillbirth or a live birth” increased in British Columbia by 133 percent in less than a decade.

Pro-life advocates have pointed out that while most Canadian doctors will not perform late-term abortions, there are nonetheless a significant number who will. For such doctors, the Canadian Medical Association guidelines on abortion lack any binding force that would prevent them from aborting babies at late stages.

Dr. Fraser Fellows, a London-area late-term abortionist, has admitted to performing abortions up to 23 weeks and six days. During a 2011 debate with pro-life advocate Stephanie Gray, Fellows admitted that graphic video footage of a real abortion that showed a baby about to exit the birth canal, but who was dangling limply with blood pulsing from his neck, was an accurate reflection of what he did during a late-term abortion.

Dr. Jean Guimond, head of abortion services at CLSC of Faubourgs, where the caller allegedly had her late-term abortion, is also known for his defense of abortion during all nine months of pregnancy on any grounds. He told a reporter in a 2007 interview: “The fetus is not a patient. The patient I am helping is the woman who is pregnant.”

Suzanne Fortin, a pro-life activist and blogger at Big Blue Wave, who posted the Montreal radio interview on her blog, said that she could understand people’s skepticism toward late-term abortions. “After all, it is widely repeated that abortions don't happen after 20 weeks.” she said.

Fortin said that while late term abortions may be rare, “they do happen.”