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WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) — As the U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the high-profile chemical abortion drug case on Tuesday, women shared harrowing testimonies of the horrors of their experience when taking the drug after being “deceived” by Planned Parenthood about what to expect, with one woman sharing that the terror of her experience was so great she prayed for death. 

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On the steps of the supreme court, as abortion advocates called for continued access to mail-order chemical abortion drugs in the name of “women’s rights” and “women’s health care,” pro-lifers rallied to protect women and girls from the atrocities and harms of the “do-it-at-home” abortion drug, which, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s own reporting, sends one in every twenty-five women to the emergency room. 

While Alliance Defending Freedom and pro-life medical professionals argued before the high court that the FDA has both violated federal law and put thousands of women and girls at grave risk for their health and even their life, hundreds of pro-life activists outside the courthouse demanded that the FDA be held accountable for its criminal activity and negligence in approving the abortion drug and rolling back nearly every safeguard and restriction surrounding its use and distribution. 

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Among others, Leslie Wolbert offered testimony of her experience of taking the abortion pill at the age of 21 after she said Planned Parenthood had not informed her fully about the nature of the drug and its effects. 

She said she was neither counseled nor warned of the “living hell” she would go through in her own home as a result of using the drug. “Nor was I informed about the reality of what I’d experience, what I’d feel, what I’d see, or the traumatic memories and pain that I would carry for life,” she declared. 

Wolbert had gone to a Planned Parenthood to get a pregnancy test, in no way intending to abort, even after a positive test, but was convinced into taking the abortion pill after being told by Planned Parenthood staff that she would simply experience a heavy period until she expelled a “tennis ball sized clot” that was only a “blob of tissue.”  

The extreme loss of blood from “relentless bleeding” and the excruciating pain she felt in her whole body for several days became so unbearable that she prayed to God for death. 

“I was begging for my own death to come because the agony was unbearable,” she said.  

This was not normal, and I knew it. What I was experiencing was absolutely nothing like a period. It was by far the worst pain I’d ever been in my life.

I was utterly alone, terror-stricken, and certain that I would die. In fact, I wanted death to come to relieve me from the agony that felt never-ending. My body shook violently with tremors, and I sweated profusely. I cried in agony, for I had never experienced such physical attacks to my body. I was petrified and completely alone, not knowing how long this would last.

The most terrifying moment of her experience came when, “paralyzed with fear and disbelief,” she held in her own hands, in a pool of blood, the fetal remains of her aborted baby, before flushing the body down the toilet, “shuddering in horror over what she had just seen and done.” 

“What happened… is painfully seared into my mind for life. I can never unsee it,” she said, weeping. “It felt like a nightmare.” 

No one from the clinic had prepared me for this bloody scene that would take place in my very own bathroom, or that I’d see the remains of the life that was growing inside of me and would have to dispose of it myself.

They didn’t caution me by telling me those memories, and the trauma I’d carry because of it, would be there for life. I wasn’t told that my future pregnancies could be threatened because of these drugs. Years later I lost two back-to-back pregnancies to miscarriage, which my doctor had no explanation for.

“I didn’t end my life when I had my chemical abortion, but I wanted to,” Wolbert declared. “I wanted the pain to be over, because it was all so unbearable and disorienting. Had the means been available to end my life, I may have.” 

She continued, “I can’t imagine the weight and responsibility the FDA holds for those who may choose to end their lives in the midst of taking these drugs, because of the deep suffering that comes from the entire process, especially facing it alone and without support.” 

“My home, my safe haven, became a living nightmare. No one should ever have to experience that,” she said. 

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Wolbert ultimately found much needed healing in faith in Jesus Christ. “I am able to stand here today because the lover of my soul, Jesus Christ, has redeemed my life,” she declared. “His shed blood has cleansed me from my guilty, bloody hands, and it’s in Him that I found forgiveness, freedom, and healing from the trauma of choosing to take the abortion chemicals and unknowingly take the life of my unborn child.” 

“Women shouldn’t be deceived and suffer alone the way I did. If I could, I’d take back my choice to take the abortion drugs,” she insisted. “I wish this wasn’t my story, and that it wasn’t a story that needed to be told. But I must tell it because the FDA is violating its duty to keep women safe.”  


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