Ben Johnson


I-C-K: Planned Parenthood of NYC hosts spelling bee about sex and STDs

Ben Johnson

NEW YORK, December 3, 2013 ( – If you've ever wanted to help abortion facility escorts by spelling out parts of human genitalia and STDs in public, Planned Parenthood of New York City has the event for you.

PPNYC's Action Fund Activist Council is holding a spelling bee about sex and STDs in Long Island next Wednesday to raise funds.

The event, “Let's Spell About Sex,” vows: “We promise to offer everything you ever wanted to spell about sex but were afraid to ask.”

Promotional materials add that participants have the chance to win “sexy prizes.”

All proceeds go to the Planned Parenthood of New York City Action Fund Activist Council. Among other things, activist council members act as abortion facility escorts. Others become“political activists” or “sex ed activists,” who “plan educational events and forums for the community” featuring “comprehensive sex education.”

Other Planned Parenthood affiliates have held similar fundraisers in the past.

“It's about getting people up there and basically trying to get them to embarrass themselves,” Joey Richards, public affairs coordinator for the Planned Parenthood Action Council in Salt Lake City, told local media in 2009. “It might be easy to catch these [STDs], but it's definitely hard to spell them.”

A video of the event posted online shows participants at a bar spelling words such as “herpes,” “scabies,” and parts of the vagina.

Abortion supporters have a long, proud history of holding lewd or offensive fundraisers.

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Recently at a fundraiser to help women pay for their abortions in Texas, comedian Sarah Sliverman put a vaginal napkin down her pants, and then auctioned it off.

In previous years, Planned Parenthood has hosted a Christmas season fundraising campaign entitled “Choice on Earth.” Planned Parenthood of Indiana sold Christmas gift certificates, telling holiday shoppers they “allow you to give the gift of life to your loved ones.”

In 2009, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) was criticized for trying to cash in on the earthquake in Haiti, making an appeal for funds so its PROFAMIL facilities on the island could continue to offer “low-cost, quality sexual and reproductive healthcare” to Haitians.

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