‘I can’t thank you enough’: Mother Miriam’s order finds a new home in Kansas

'I don’t think we could have done that without LifeSite.'
Wed Feb 17, 2021 - 10:22 am EST
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Mother Miriam speaks at Conference of Catholic Families, Dublin, Ireland, Aug. 22–23, 2018. John-Henry Westen / LifeSiteNews

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February 17, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – After a tiring four-year search for a home, Mother Miriam and the Daughters of Mary, Mother of Israel’s Hope, have finally been invited to put down permanent roots in Beloit, Kansas, following the invitation of the local bishop of Salina, Kansas, Bishop Gerald Vincke.

Mother Miriam thanked LifeSiteNews for the role it and its readers played in helping her secure temporary living quarters in Kansas: “LifeSite helped us to get that house...I don’t think we could have done that without LifeSite.”

Just recently, Mother Miriam managed to reserve a bigger, more permanent property, better suited to the needs of her rapidly growing community. The house costs $200,000 and will need an estimated $50,000 of construction and renovation work to bring it up to the required standard for the sisters. Around $40,000 has been raised for the cause already through a campaign on our LifeSite’s new LifeFunder platform, which can be found here.

LifeSite’s Danielle Zuccaro spoke with Mother Miriam about her journey from her Jewish family roots to now being a Catholic Mother Superior of a Benedictine order, and the struggle she has endured in securing a home for her traditional order.

Laying out a brief history of how she came to become a Catholic, Mother Miriam explained that she originally began looking into the claims of the Catholic Church in order to dissuade her brother from joining the Church, but found herself subject to “a holy shock, and a glorious amazement … of the Church founded by Jesus Christ.”

Mother Miriam related that, 26 years earlier, as a 19-year-old Jew, she had heard that nuns had a new permission to shorten their habits to knee-length, instead of necessarily being to the floor. Despite being a Jew, Mother Miriam knew that “whoever these women were in Brooklyn [where she was raised], walking through the streets in black and white habits to the floor, they were in the world to influence the world for God.”

“This is a nice thing,” she continued.

But the news that their habits could be shortened, in the midst of what she called the “mini-skirt era,” resonated in her mind as an accommodation to the world.

“I thought whoever these women are, who are in the world to influence the world, instead the world has influenced them.”

Mother Miriam noted that five years after first looking into Catholicism she “entered the Church in 1995, and I have had a deep longing to restore the hemline to the floor, and the habit to the world as the glorious sign to God that it is.”

So began Mother Miriam’s journey to create a traditional order of sisters.

‘LifeSite helped us to get that house’

Over a decade later, “in 2008, Archbishop Raymond Burke, now a Cardinal, knew of my dream, and invited me to St. Louis to found this order. He was brought to Rome just after that by Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, and Bishop Slattery invited me to Tulsa.”

Despite positive developments with Slattery, he retired, being succeeded by Bishop David Konderla, “who wasn’t as favorable to our new foundation, so we’ve been looking for four years for a home.”

“Just a couple of months ago, a very humble, wonderful, orthodox, lovely, shepherd – I love when I can truly call a bishop a genuine shepherd – his name is Bishop Gerald Vincke – invited me to the Diocese of Salina, in the little town of Beloit.”

For the time being, Mother Miriam’s order have “temporary quarters,” which can hold eight women.

“LifeSite helped us to get that house. We actually closed on it, Danielle, a week ago. I don’t think we could have done that without LifeSite.”

“I cannot tell you the blessedness it is after kind of a four-year wilderness, to have such incredible support from the little town, and from LifeSiteNews, through your LifeFunder.”

She is, however, still looking for “a huge house” where she can accommodate the growing number of women contacting her in the hope of pursuing a vocation.

“It’s not enough, we’ve had over a hundred women who’ve enquired, and we have minimum one to two every single day wanting to come. So we bought a house that will hold eight of us here in Beloit … but we are already over the top; we have no room.”

Mother Miriam has found a house in Beloit that will fit the community’s needs. “The house is $200,000 … we are going to need $50,000 more to do construction [and] make it suited,” she said.

“LifeFunder is on the way to helping us with that, and I just couldn’t be happier.”

Asked if she had any message for donors to her LifeFunder campaign, Mother Miriam, in characteristic mirth, said: “I’ve asked God if I can bilocate so I can come and hug you, every single one of you who have donated … whoever you are, whatever you’ve donated, I hug you.”

“I can’t thank you enough. The thing that thrills me, even more than the actual donations, what they do to my heart is say ‘we are not alone.’”

“I can’t be more thrilled and honored because LifeSite is number one on … my apostolates that are faithful to the Church, so I love all of you.”

“God is dwindling His Church to a faithful remnant. He did that with Israel; He’s done that all throughout south Asian history. We are part of the remnant.”

“I am so encouraged by that and by the fact that God is affirming His will for us, I just can’t be happier. I love you all, I thank you all. I am just so grateful for all of you at LifeSite.”

Mother Miriam drew attention to the challenges faced by LifeSiteNews on account of the work it does to address the evils of the world, as well as problems in the Church.

“I just learned that your website got taken off YouTube altogether,” she said, before explaining that “The only one the enemy is going to attack is those who are doing the work of Christ. He has started in the garden; he will never stop.”

Ever the optimist, Mother Miriam noted that, despite the darkness of the age, evil will ultimately fail. “He’s [Satan] rather stupid that he doesn’t realize Our Lady’s Heart will triumph.”

Ending on a final note of encouragement, Mother Miriam requested that “any of you that don’t subscribe, go to and subscribe. This is an order from a Mother Superior.”

“The news is true, it’s trustworthy, it’s well-researched, and you’ll be on top of everything. You only need one source.”

Mother Miriam’s campaign to help fund the house purchase and construction, as well as establish a priory, is ongoing. Would you consider helping this community build their foundation? 

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The Daughters of Mary wish to imitate the Blessed Mother’s “yes” in being Messengers of Hope, bringing the life-giving message of God’s healing, forgiving love, and mercy to every soul.

You can watch Mother Miriam provide wisdom and guidance every day here and you can learn more about her community here

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