NEW YORK, July 23, 2004 ( – International abortion giant, Planned Parenthood has a line of consumer products, coffee mugs, bumper stickers and t-shirts to spread their message and raise funds. The latest in their ‘social fashion’ line is a t-shirt for post-abortive women to “assert a powerful message in support of women’s rights.” The shirt says simply, “I had an abortion.”

The world’s leading abortion-promoting organization has long striven to undo the stigma attached to women killing their unborn children, but with little result. Despite the enthusiastic support of politicians, rock musicians and movie stars, abortion still has powerful negative associations in the public mind.

The idea of an abortion pride fashion statement has intrigued at least one Canadian journalist. David Warren, a prominent columnist for the Ottawa Citizen responded to by saying cheerily, “I think it’s a great idea.”“In fact, I think they should adopt a whole range of slogans. How about, ‘I eat unborn babies for breakfast…Vote John Kerry.’ Now those would really sell.”  The shirts can be purchased online for US $15.00 along with Planned Parenthood condoms, milk chocolate birth control packs, a calendar showing a young woman’s tongue-piercing and a selection of “Choice on Earth” Christmas cards.