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(LifeSiteNews) — Tomorrow night, embark on a harrowing journey with John-Henry Westen and discover how mere seconds forever changed a young 17-year-old girl named Jacinta Rigi — and the lives of countless others — after she accidentally killed an unseen motorcyclist at a dark intersection in rural Idaho.  

In the interview, hear the powerful story of how the court ruled against Jacinta, finding her guilty of involuntary manslaughter against Chad, the motorcyclist — and feel the shock after learning that Chad’s mother found the strength to forgive Jacinta and drop all charges against her. 

This almost-unbelievable and difficult interview of pain and remorse reveals, on full-display, the unbounded love and redemption at the heart of LifeSite’s mission to build a culture of life — even in the face of unspeakable grief and hopelessness.

Experience the fullness of this message by witnessing:

  • Jacinta’s guilt and shame 
  • A mother’s unconditional love 
  • The redemption found only in Jesus Christ 
  • The grace it takes to fearlessly share such raw, pro-life testimony 

Don’t miss this awe-inspiring interview, which perfectly encompasses the LifeSite values of life, family, faith and freedom on the John-Henry Westen Show tomorrow night at 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT. 

Unforgettable and moving testimonies of faith just like this one — fearlessly broadcasted for the world to hear — offer the guideposts for building a culture of life for generations to come. In a world filled with cancel-culture, intimidation, and mob-rule, dive deep into another world marked by compassion, restoration, and purpose. 

LifeSite’s pro-life and pro-family mission is at a crossroads, with an increasing amount of powerful global corporations actively looking to destroy faithful Christians and pro-life advocates, all in the name of tolerance and “safe spaces.”

Jacinta’s testimony is no safe-space, and serves as an example of true redemption after real loss and real suffering. 

Experience a pro-life and pro-family interview like never before, thanks to LifeSite’s commitment of offering inspiring conversion stories just like Jacinta’s to all of us here online. 

Don’t miss it: Tune in to the John-Henry Westen Show  tomorrow night 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT.