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Casey Gunning and her twin, Sister Mary Casey O'Connor, S.V., at the 2023 March for LifeYouTube / screenshot

WASHINGTON, D.C. (LifeSiteNews) – At the first national March for Life since the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade, Casey Gunning, who has Down syndrome, delivered a powerful reminder to Americans that every life is “priceless” and told every woman expecting a child with Down syndrome, “You will be the perfect mom.”

Gunning was introduced by her twin sister, Sister Mary Casey O’Connor, S.V., who referred to Gunning as her “biggest hero.”

“Hello, pro-lifers of America,” Gunning began, throwing her arm in the air in greeting to the crowds cheering her onto the stage. “I came all the way from Colorado to announce to America and the whole world that life is good and that life’s a gift.”

“I love my life,” she added. Gunning shared that even with Down syndrome, she attended college, worked for 15 years at a daycare center, and is a “gold medalist in special Olympics.”

“I have Down syndrome, but Down syndrome does not define me. I am defined by God. God put a price tag on every life. And He says we are all priceless. Born and unborn, disability or not, we’re all priceless.”

Gunning added that “some people say I’m handicapped, but I always say I’m handi-capable. I am most capable of love.”

Sr. Mary Casey then asked her twin what she would say to women who are pregnant with children who have already been diagnosed with Down syndrome, to which Gunning replied, “Your child will be a blessing to you and to the world. And you will be the perfect mom.”

Gunning concluded her speech by saying, “On behalf of all people with Down syndrome, especially those [whose] lives are threatened in the womb, we need you and you need us.”

Gunning left the stage waving enthusiastically to the crowd, which chanted her name as she walked away.


BREAKING: First March for Life since overturning of Roe happening in Washington, DC today